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Raft Receiver Guide

Raft Receiver Guide

If you have been playing Raft for a while and want to follow the story, the item you need is Receiver. Thanks to the Receiver, you can find large islands and advance the main quest.

Receiver islands will be shown with green dots and missions with blue dots. Thus, it will be easier to find your way in the middle of the ocean. If you have questions like how to craft a receiver in Raft or how and why to use them, here is everything you need to know about receivers in Raft.


How to Craft a Receiver & Blueprint for the Receiver

To craft a Receiver, you must first craft a Research Table. You should use 14 planks and 2 scraps for the Research Table. Then you need to find the Blueprint for the Receiver. To find it, simply loot Barrels in the ocean. One of the first Blueprints you will find in the game will be the Receiver. Blueprint: If you have the Receiver, you need to use 8 planks, 6 plastic, 2 Circuit Boards, and a Hinge to craft it. If you have all the materials, you can craft the Receiver in the Research Table.

After crafting the Receiver, you must place it on a floor in your raft. You need to craft a battery and antenna for the receiver to work. To craft a single antenna you need 4 scraps, a circuit board, and a bolt. For battery, you should use 1 chopper ingot, 6 plastics, and 3 scraps. To use the receiver effectively, you need three antennas and a battery.

Batteries in Raft have a total of 50 charges. Each load keeps the Receiver active for 10 seconds. With each battery, you can activate the receiver for a total of 800 seconds. Since the Battery is a limited resource, we recommend turning the Receiver off when not in use. Thus, you use the battery effectively.

raft receiver blueprint

How do you use the Receiver in Raft?

If you have activated the Receiver, you will see that the radar screen is working. You will see two kinds of dots on this screen, blue and green. The green dots represent major islands within your 1000-meter radius. By going to these points, you can reach the big islands and collect useful craft materials. The blue dots represent locations where you will advance the main story. If you want to advance the main story you must go to the blue dots.

The receiver's screen works independently of the direction of your raft. The location at the top of the screen is always north. So, you can use the screen while confirming the direction you need to go. If you turned your raft to the north direction, it means that you are heading towards the top according to the Receiver.

how to craft receiver in raft

What does the Receiver do?

A receiver is an item added to the game to make it easier for new players to find islands or advance the story. If you are new to the game and want to explore nearby islands, Receiver is a useful item for you. You will need many crafting materials to improve your raft. You can get most of these materials from the big islands. Thanks to the Receiver, you can learn the location of the big islands and travel to those islands.

If you are curious about the story of the game and want to advance the story, a Receiver is an item you need. Regardless of the receiver distance, it will show the main task as a blue dot. Thus, you can go to the locations where the main quest is and advance the story.