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Raft Important Stuff to Craft for Beginners

Raft Important Stuff to Craft for Beginners

In Raft, a survival game with ocean-themed single-player and multiplayer gameplay, your goal is to survive. If it's your first time playing the game and you're not sure what to do, there are items to craft. Read on to find out what these items are, how they are crafted, and their features!

What to Craft in Raft at the Beginning


Simple Purifier

Raft is a survival game, so your character needs to eat and drink water. Water is a need that runs out faster than food. For this reason, you should make sure that your character's thirst bar is always in good condition. In the middle of the ocean, your character may die of thirst. To prevent this, you need to craft an item called Simple Purifier, which will provide you with regular water. To craft the Simple Purifier, you need 6 planks, 6 palm leaves, and 4 plastics.

what to craft in raft


If your character dies, you will need a bed for him to respawn. It has the same function as bed Raft, which is the basic revive and rest object of all survival games. It is a good option to craft a bed to choose the point where your character will respawn or spend the night. To craft a Simple Bed, you need 10 palm leaves, 6 planks, 4 plastics, and 3 nails. In addition, there are three different usable beds in the game.

Wooden Spear

If you are at the beginning of the game, you will have to fight against threats. To fight sharks attacking your raft of various creatures on the islands, you need to craft a Wooden Spear, to begin with. You can get more powerful weapons as you progress in the game. However, the weapon you will use most at the beginner level is the Wooden Spear. To craft a Wooden Spear, you need 8 planks and 3 ropes.

Research Table

You must use the Research Table to craft the blueprints you loot in-game and to unlock advanced crafting. To use it, you must first craft it and place it in a suitable spot on your raft. You can craft it by researching the items you obtain with the Research table. This feature is critical to players' long-term survival. You need 14 planks and 2 scraps to build a Research Table. Research Table's crafting materials are quick-to-find resources.

crafting items in raft for beginning


At the beginning of the game, your loot with the hook in your hand. If you want items to passively pile up on your raft, you need to build a Net in your raft. Nets will passively collect barrels and items in the ocean. You can easily loot these items and spend your remaining time more effectively.


As you develop on Raft, you will want to explore the islands. However, if you leave your raft in the ocean you will probably never see it again. To prevent this situation, you need to craft an anchor. There are two types of anchors in the game. The first of these is the single-use and easy-to-craft anchor. The other anchor requires more material and stays in your raft all the time. Be sure to anchor before landing on an island!