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Overwatch 2 Tactics to Play Like a Pro

Overwatch 2 Tactics to Play Like a Pro

Overwatch 2 is a competitive first-person shooter with different heroes and gameplay mechanics. Now the game is around the corner, it's time to learn all the best ways you can play Overwatch 2. As in every game, there are tactics you need to know to play well in Overwatch 2.

If you're playing Overwatch or Overwatch 2 and want to gain an edge over your opponents, in this article we'll list the best Overwatch tactics for you.

Overwatch Tactics & Guide

Overwatch 2

Get to Know the Heroes

If you want to gain an advantage over your opponents, you must first learn about their damage and gameplay potential. For this reason, you need to know all 34 characters in the game and learn their abilities. We recommend that you play each character in the game several times to get to know your opponents better. Thus, you can have information about the playing style of your opponents and set a strategy accordingly. For example, to learn how to play against a Junker Queen, you must play as Junker Queen. Thus, you can develop counterstrategies according to her gameplay.

Choose Your Perfect Heroes

One of the rules of playing well in Overwatch is to use a character that fits your playstyle. If you like to play DPS and are good at fast gameplay, you need to use a hero like Tracer, Sombra, who is among the opponents. However, if you prefer to hunt your opponents from afar, using a ranged DPS like Widowmaker or Hanzo will be more effective. You should also learn the damage potential of the hero you are playing to gain an advantage over your opponents. Thus, you can analyse in which situations you can gain an advantage against your opponents or in which situation you are disadvantaged and enter combat accordingly.

Useful Info
Keep in mind that there are no more 2 tanks in Overwatch 2. The matches are completely clashes with one main tank now. (unless developers do something to balance the game a little bit more) From our own experience, the first team to take down the opponent's tank, usually gets a team kill shortly after. Pay attention to protecting your tank at all cost.

Learn Maps!

Overwatch has 21 different maps. Each map has its own unique design and blind spots. Learning the maps is critical to gaining an edge over your opponents. For example, when playing as Widowmaker, positioning on the map is very important. If you know the maps, you can learn where to stand as a Widowmaker and gain an advantage accordingly. Attacking from a position that your opponents do not expect gives you a great advantage.

Don't Stand Still

Whether you're playing a tank or a DPS game, you should never stand still. You should try to gain an advantage over your opponents by constantly changing positions. If you stay stationary in one area, your opponents will attack knowing your position. This situation gives you a disadvantage and makes you easy prey for your opponents. To avoid this situation, we recommend that you constantly change your location.

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Focus on Objectives

While killing your opponents is fun in Overwatch, not every game mode is about killing your opponents. In siege mode, completing the objectives instead of killing your opponents can help you win the game. For this reason, focusing on the lenses of the mode you are playing is a necessary condition for your team to win.

Coordinate With Your Teammates

Since Overwatch is basically a team game, you need to make joint decisions and act together with your teammates. For this reason, sometimes it will be more beneficial to adapt to your teammates than to get a few kills alone.