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Monster Hunter Rise Monsters Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Monsters Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Monsters can be described as the creatures that inhabit the Places in the world. These monsters are the main targets of player hunts. In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about the MHRise Monsters.

These beasts can be defeated by players in Quests. This will allow them to fulfill their Guild and Village requirements and to obtain valuable Materials.

The Ultimate Guide for Monster Hunter Rise Monsters


How Many Monsters are There in Monster Hunter Rise?

MHR monsters are unique creatures with different behaviors. They also inhabit different places. There are 65 Large Monsters, 25 new ones and 40 returning ones in Monster Hunter Rise. There are six new Small Monsters, and 28 returning ones. This brings the total of small monsters to 34. MH Rise currently has 99 different monsters. Make sure you check them out to optimize your equipment as well as to replenish your Supply Box to keep your Quests going!

What are the weaknesses of monsters?

All Monsters found in Rise possess specific elemental as well as weapon-type weaknesses. Keep in mind that elemental as well as weapon-type damage depend on the monster’s body part. Your monster journal number will indicate how vulnerable your monster is to that element or damage. 

There's an ramp-up called Element Exploit. If you hit a part of a body with the particular element it has an inherent weakness against, it will increase the damage done by the monster. 

In the picture below, you can see the weaknesses for some of the most-known monsters in MHRise.

monster hunter rise monsters weaknesses

What are Large Monsters?

Large Monsters found in Monster Hunter Rise are the creatures that are hostile and the objectives of Hunt Quests as well as Rampage Quests. Once defeated, they produce valuable material which players can use to build their own. Large Monsters are predators of all habitats, hunting small monsters and sometimes other large monsters.

What are Small Monsters?

Small Monsters are generally hostile and non-obligatory Hunt objectives, but can yield valuable materials which players can purchase. For protection, smaller monsters tend to be more prey than larger animals and prefer to stick with herds or packs.

Endemic Living should not be confused with small monsters. They are non-aggressive and quite helpful.

Most Challenging Monsters in MHRise and How to Kill Them

Apex Monsters

Apex Monsters is a new class of monsters that Monster Hunter Rise has in its game. These monsters are a variant of the existing monsters. They can be more aggressive than their high-ranking counterparts and have a host new attacks. Apex Monsters are usually encountered in high-ranking Rampages at the endgame level. This means that you will need to be extremely skilled to take on them. Update 2.0 has made it possible to fight some of these monsters during standard hunts.

Apex Monsters should be avoided at all costs. The only Apex Monsters that are currently available as of this writing are Arzuros and Rathalos. Unless you have the specific challenge for yourself to take on these beasts solo, we recommend that you fight them with a group.


Nargacuga has a combination of blinding speed, disorienting movement and speed that few monsters can match. An angry Nargacuga is determined to get your blood. Its eyes are red when it gets mad. Even experienced hunters may find it hard to keep up the pace with the physical attacks. 
It is hard to find a good opening for countering Nargacuga. The Nargacuga will attack you with rapid-fire spinning tails and swiping teeth. Being close to Nargacuga is risky as it can launch a torrential rain of painful spikes right from the tip. Nargacuga will overwhelm you. You need to find a counter-strategies to defeat it. Shock Traps are the best method to do this because Nargacuga can be very agile and render your Pitfall Traps almost useless. Sonic Bombs can also stun it, but only for a short time, if used while it is paused. Sonic Bombs should not be used in a reckless manner as they can make Sonic Bombs very angry.

monster hunter rise how to kill monsters

You might notice that the tail may not be fully recovered after Nargacuga has made a forceful tail slam. Make the most of this time! Cut off the tail of your target if you can. This will not stop its tail-based attacks completely, but it will decrease their power and range. You can attack its legs to stagger its feet, but it will also deflect strikes with insufficient sharpness. To damage Nargacuga’s wings and blast vulnerability, you can try bombs and weapon strikes to do it harm. You can also use lighting-element weaponry to make the fight move a little faster. This battle will be tough, but you can keep your cool and send Nargacuga to his grave.

  • Most vulnerable spots: Head, tail, foreleg
  • Elemental weaknesses: Lightning (primary), Fire (secondary)
  • Status vulnerabilities: Blast, Thunderblight


Rajang is small, agile and very quick. This beast is a combination of extremely fast speed, disorienting movement and painful strikes. It has one of most high potential battle-starts-to-cart times. Rajang has no specific quest until you reach 7-Star Hub Quests. But it can suddenly appear in certain 6-Star quests. This makes the already dangerous hunts even more perilous. Rajang won't move far from its initial location so if you aren't interested in dealing with it, don't engage it. But eventually, you'll have to take on this raging ape. Dress up in your best lightning-resistant gear, and be ready for one the most difficult fights of Monster Hunter Rise.

monster hunter rise hardest monsters

When Rajang is enraged its fur will take on a golden shine. This gives it the nickname "Golden Lion". It will grow its arms when it is really very insane. These make them tough and capable of deflecting weapons, as well as destroying Shock Traps. To get rid of this effect, you can repeatedly attack from the back. Rajang moves quickly and tends to attack from its front and sides. This makes moving to and attacking the rear of Rajang a good strategy. It is however difficult to do solo hunting. Flash Bombs may be enough to confuse Rajang for long enough to allow it to get clear swipes at its rear. Make sure to use them when you need to lower the pressure. It will begin to fall, then you can give yourself a big pat on the back.

  • Most vulnerable spots: Head, legs
  • Elemental weaknesses: Ice (primary), Water (secondary)
  • Status vulnerabilities: Iceblight


Magnamalo has incredible agility which allows it to perform multiple attacks simultaneously with its claws or tail. Magnamalo is so high in draconic energies that he always has a purple glow surrounding his tail and back. These explosive bursts can cause massive damage to your body and turn you into a ticking clock. When you see the purple orbs of Magnamalo's energy go flying, your best option is to make sure you get out of their way before they explode. Magnamalo is a fast-moving predator with sharp claws, horns and a long tail. They can also use blinding speed against you, so be prepared to block or dodge. You will feel the pain of a vicious dive-bombing if it jumps into the air high above you.

monster hunter rise monsters explained

It is difficult to find good openings, but you can bring a Water-element weapon with you to help you add some damage to your hits. Magnamalo can be targeted with explosives if he has glowing parts. If Magnamalo succeeds in igniting his own hellfire, it will produce some huge-damage booms. While you may not be able defeat this legendary brute on your first try, it is okay. You will still learn a lot from the fight. You will eventually overcome this terror by improving your armor, weaponry, and skills.

  • Most vulnerable spots: Head, armblade, tail
  • Elemental weaknesses: Water (primary), Lightning (secondary)
  • Status vulnerabilities: Waterblight


Jyuratodus can be amphibious and is surprisingly agile in both water and land. However, it prefers to fight in the pool. It can also launch mud balls at the arena, just like its muddy monster friends. Although the resulting mud heaps are not potentially dangerous like Almudron's they can slow down your progress so bring Muck Resistance gear and decorations. Although the mud won't cause any harm if it gets in your eyes, it can cause Waterblight which can affect your ability to recover from your injuries. To combat this, eat Nullberries and wear blight-resistant gear.

monster hunter rise monsters guide

You must act when you see Jyuratodus sink under the waves. It will move towards you leaving behind puddles and mud. It will swim towards you, leaving behind puddles of mud. After a few seconds it will jump out of the water and pour down several glops upon you. You can either wirebug it and avoid it when it goes for a dive or use a Sonic Bomb to stop it from going all the way. Juratodus will flip out of the water and flail about if it succeeds. You should make the most of the downtime and the time when Jyuratodus has been too busy trying to repair its mud coating to strike.

  • Most vulnerable spots: Head, legs, tail
  • Elemental weaknesses: Lightning (primary), Fire (secondary)
  • Status vulnerabilities: Exhaust, Stun, Thunderblight