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Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword Build Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword Build Guide

Monster Hunter Rise builds include a mix of weapons, armor, charms, and other types of equipment. Monster Hunter Rise has many builds that allows you to adapt to and defeat a Monster. In this article we are going to cover the best builds for you, if you are a Long Sword type of player. 

Long Sword builds include a selection of popular and hand-crafted builds. These builds were based around specific Weapons. Each set includes Equip, Skills, and Decor. Combining these builds with specific Weapons with a set armor will optimize the combination and create a build type that focuses on the skills available with the chosen equipment.



The Long Sword has a fluid playstyle that allows the hunter and monster to deal damage continuously with minimal downtime between attacks. This is due to the Long Sword's array of counterattacks, which allow the hunter to dodge massive attacks from monsters and allows the hunter to smoothly transition between attack sequences. Because the Long Sword can string together attack sequences using counters, it is able to do fluid gameplay.

While most weapons must reset and reposition after an attack sequence is completed to avoid being struck by the monsters, the Long Sword can launch an attack sequence, stop any incoming attacks, and then immediately enter into the next attack sequence. This is why the Long Sword gains the greatest benefits from having skills that improve its combat fluidity and allow it the ability to deal continuous, unaffected damage.

MHR Long Sword Raw Damage Build

This build starts with the Phantom Mirage's level 220 Attack, 10 Defense, and a 15% Affinity. The skills added to this build are focused primarily on maximizing damage and Affinity. They are also the most powerful Skills in this build. Critical Eye is used to increase Affinity. Critical Boost and Attack Boost are added to reduce damage. This is combined with Weakness Exploit which also affects Affinity and Exploits Enemy Weak spots.

mhr long sword builds


  • Phantom Mirage
  • Kaiser Crown
  • Vaik Mail S
  • Sinister Gauntlets S
  • Anjanath Coil S
  • Ingot Greaves S


  • Critical Eye Lv. 5
  • Attack Boost Lv. 4
  • Critical Boost Lv. 3
  • Weakness Exploit Lv. 3
  • Handicraft Lv. 3
  • Quick Sheath Lv. 3
  • Stun Resistance Lv. 3
  • Flinch Free Lv. 1
  • Hellfire Cloak Lv. 1

MHR Critical Long Sword Build

This build focuses on leveling up Critical eye, which increases Infinity. This build is designed for early game use. It includes the Hidden Saber, which provides 120 Attack, and the 30% Affinity skill that grows with the Helm's Critical Eye skill. This build has Mail, Vambraces and Coil.

mhrise long sword build guide


  • Hidden Saber I
  • Zinogre Helm
  • Zinogre Mail
  • Barioth Vambraces
  • Barioth Coil


  • Critical Eye Lv. 7
  • Latent Power Lv. 2