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Monster Hunter Rise Gunlance Builds Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Gunlance Builds Guide

Gunlance deals damage by thrust attacks as well as firing blanks and explosives shells. It is equipped with a thick shield to protect against potential attacks. If you want to learn more about Gunlance builds and how to get started, you are in the right article!

Gunlance builds in Monster Hunter Rise, cover a few recommended and some highly-personal crafted builds. These builds were based around specific weapon types. Each one has a unique set of Weapons, Equipment, complementing Skills, and Decor. Combining these builds with specific Weapons can optimize the combination to create a Build type that focuses on the Skills associated with the chosen equipment. 



Gunlance is one the most unusual weapon concepts. Therefore, it shouldn't surprise that it can benefit from some very unique skills not often found with other weapons. There are three types of playstyles for Gunlance, but each is based on the same basic principle: Do lots of damage and explode a ton. Gunlance skills are able to increase its damage from explosive attacks as well as give it enough defense capabilities to not be blown up.

The Lance has the best blocking ability and it is capable of counter and long-range attacks. Wyvern’s Fire, the Gunlance’s special move, is a powerful explosion that fires up after charging up. It takes about two minutes (110 sec) to recharge. Because this weapon relies on Shells, we can choose the skills that are most appropriate for each feature. Adjustments can be made if you prefer to focus on Elemental Damage Overput.

Fire Damage Gunlance Build

Araknalance Gunlance is a rare weapon with a 170 attack. It has a 25% Affinity and is a rarity of 7. This will be particularly helpful if players already have Rampage abilities from other weapons and are able use them during battle. Rampage skills can be used in conjunction with this weapon as it provides extra damage reduction and level 5 normal sanding. Wyvern Exploit Skill, which is an Araknalance skill, can be obtained. You must select the Wyvern Exploit if you wish to get the Gunlance upgraded into the Araknalance. This Skill will not be applicable when you are fighting Wyvern-type Monsters. It will however buff Shell damage. This Skill can be used in conjunction with other skills, but it is very specific to each creature.

This set is designed to complement the build with Armor and can be used in conjunction with the Vaik Mail S, or any other high defense armor-type you prefer. You can then add the Bazelgeuse Set as an additional complement to your Armor pieces. This was done to boost overall stats. But, you can interchange it with other accessories. For further enhancement, other Jewels were also added. Sharp Deco types and Critical items are recommended to do more damage.

mhr gunlance builds guide


  • Araknalance
  • Kaiser Crown
  • Vaik Mail S
  • Bazelgeuse Braces
  • Bazelgeuse Coil
  • Bazelgeuse Greaves
  • Underworld Petalace
  • Critical Jewel 2
  • Sharp Jewel 2


  • Attack Boost IV
  • Wyvern Exploit
  • Fire Boost II
  • Silkbind Boost
  • Weakness Exploit Lv. 3
  • Critical Eye Lv. 3 
  • Critical Boost Lv. 3 
  • Artillery Lv. 3
  • Stun Resistance Lv. 3
  • Guard Lv. 2  
  • Load Shells Lv. 2 
  • Evade Extender Lv. 2
  • Guard Up Lv. 1 

Shelling Gunlance Build

When building a Gunlance build, there are some skills you should be aware of. Those skills are the ones that can increase ammo as well as affect Shells. Some examples would be, Load Shells, Razor Sharp or Artillery. This could be combined with most Gunlance types, so you can just choose one with high attack with any general skills. Crimson Rook, which has an attack level of 210, will be used in this build. It also has attack boosting Skill, as well as armor pieces with additional skills.

The Build includes a mix of armor pieces that have been collected to complement the Gunlance Weapon attack boosting skills. Your weapon's sharpness can be protected by Razor Sharp.

monster hunter rise gunlance builds


  • Crimson Rook
  • Kushala Glare
  • Almudron Mail S
  • Sinister Gauntlets S
  • Bazelgeuse Coil
  • Bazelgeuse Greaves


  • Handicraft Lv. 5
  • Razor Sharp Lv. 3
  • Guard Lv. 3
  • Artillery Lv. 3
  • Load Shells Lv. 2
  • Normal/Rapid Up Lv. 2
  • Evade Extender Lv. 2
  • Flinch Free Lv. 2