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Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades Build Guide

Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades Build Guide

Dual Blade Buildings in Monster Hunter Rise builds which include a few highly recommended and custom-crafted builds. These builds are based on the specific weapon types and include a set of handpicked weapons, equipment, and complementary skills and decor.

To maximize the combinations of these Specific Weapon builds, you can pair them with a set of Armor. This will allow you to build a type that is focused on the skills available with the chosen equipment.

Dual Blades are well-known for their speed, making them ideal for status effects. The dual blades can be used to create high-damage chains and are quick and agile. Archdemon and Demon Mode give hunters an additional attack speed and damage. Elemental Skills, due to their ability to deal with status effects and speed, might be considered for Dual Blades. Critical Element then combines with Dual Blades to maximize elemental damages. It is similar to Critical Boost, which also increases critical hits' damage.



Dual Blades offer a flexible, versatile, and mobile weapon with great mobility. Dual Blades and Silkbind Moves have movement, so hunters can physically reposition themselves, while still unleashing devastating attacks. Demon Mode grants the player an additional buff to their movement speed as well as the ability to perform a modified Evade that is quicker and more agile than the standard evade. Dual Blades' focus on mobility and versatility means that they are best used in conjunction with skills that improve their ability to move quickly around the battlefield.

Due to its speed and the sheer number of attacks it can unleash, Dual Blades is one of the best weapons for dealing elemental/status injury. Dual Blades are generally praised for their elemental/status-damaging abilities, but that doesn't make them useless in dealing raw damage. Dual Blades can be built with decent raw damage, but they don't perform nearly as well when compared to Dual Blades using elemental/status Dual Blades against monsters that are vulnerable to the corresponding element/status.

Monster Hunter Rise Raw Damage Dual Blade Build

Night Wings Dual blades are recommended for this combination, which has 190 ATK as well as 40% Affinity. This should be used in conjunction with Armor sets that have skills such as Critical boost or Attack boost. Build's skills can be combined with Elemental Skills. This combination will increase elemental damage and maximize damage. It is also possible to pair it with a Critical element, which can further increase the damage dealt.

monster hunter rise dual blades builds


  • Night Wings
  • Kaiser Crown
  • Vaik Mail S
  • Valstrax Braces
  • Anjanath Coil S
  • Ingot Greaves S


  • Attack Boost Lv. 7
  • Critical Eye Lv. 6
  • Critical Boost Lv. 3
  • Constitution Lv. 3
  • Speed Sharpening Lv. 3
  • Weakness Exploit Lv. 2
  • Hunger Resistance Lv. 2
  • Dragonheart Lv. 1

Monster Hunter Rise Early Low-Rank Dual Blade Build

To get started with this build, you can use a low-rarity weapon Wind Thief which starts at a level 70 attack and is later upgraded up to 140.  To help with early game battles, the Critic Eye Skill and also with speed, it is paired with Izuchi Armor. Constitution is necessary for the early game. It helps to reduce stamina exhaustion when evading, blocking or doing other actions. 

mhr dual blades build guide


  • Wind Thief Sickle I
  • Izuchi S Set


  • Critical Eye Lv. 4
  • Artillery Lv. 1