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Metal: Hellsinger Weapons Guide

Metal: Hellsinger Weapons Guide

Metal: Hellsinger is a game with first-person shooter gameplay and is set in hell. The main character of the game is a demon with three eyes and wings. Unlike other demons in hell, the main character can use different weapons.

Although the main character only uses katana at the beginning, he can use five different weapons as the game progresses. There are six different weapons in Metal Hellsinger with different features and gameplay mechanics. Also, you can only equip four different weapons in the game at the same time. Accordingly, it is not possible to use all six weapons at the same time. If you're curious about Metal Hellsinger's weapons, read on!

Best Weapons in Metal: Hellsinger

Metal: Hellsinger
Metal: Hellsinger

Terminus, The Unknown’s Blade

This weapon, which you have from the beginning of the game, has the appearance of a demon-themed katana. The strength of this weapon is that it allows you to kill your enemies in close combat. If you want to attack more than one enemy at the same time, Terminus will come in handy. If you do three slices in a row on an enemy, you can do extra damage to your enemy. You can also obtain crystals that will regenerate your life points by killing unconscious enemies. The more enemies you kill with Terminus, the more damage you start to do. Also, Terminus' ultimate gives your attacks more fury.

best weapons in metal hellsinger

Paz, The Pulse of Universe

Paz is a skull you can use if you want to shoot fireballs at your enemies. The most important feature of this weapon is that it keeps your fury stable outside of combat. Also, if you hold down the attack button, you can make an attack that will put your opponent in a Crystallize state. Paz's ultimate deals lightning damage and stuns all nearby enemies.

Persephone, Queen of Death

Persephone is a shotgun that lets you inflict deadly damage to your opponents at short range. This gun has a total capacity of 8 bullets. Persephone is a useful weapon for suddenly destroying large groups of enemies. Persephone's ultimate ability is to fire a bullet that damages enemies until it hits a wall in a straight line.

metal hellsinger weapons explained

The Hounds, Cerberus & Orthrus

Having the same names as the double-headed and triple-headed dog of hell, this weapon is a dual pistol. You can use this weapon to inflict damage on your enemies from a distance or to make accurate shots at the weak points of your enemies. The Hounds' ultimate ability places a clone of you in your current location as a turret.

Vulcan, Soulbreaker

If you want to inflict deadly damage to your opponents with the crossbow, Vulcan is the weapon you should use. But the disadvantage of this weapon is that you can only shoot two arrows in a row. In addition, the arrows you shoot with Vulcan have an explosive effect. Vulcan's ultimate ability is to create gravity at the point you mark, pulling your enemies to that point. With the Ultimate and explosive arrows, the Vulcan is the perfect weapon to destroy large groups of enemies.

metal hellsinger weapons guide

Hellcrow, The Traitor Sovereign

This weapon, which has the appearance of two crows, works with the logic of a boomerang. It can deal damage while throwing towards your enemies and coming back to you at the same time. Hellcrow's ultimate summons a flock of crows around the main character. This flock of crows flies around, damaging enemies.