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Marvel's Spider-Man All Tokens and How to Get Them

Marvel's Spider-Man All Tokens and How to Get Them

Marvel's Spider-Man has tokens that you can find in the open world by completing quests, completing events, or in certain locations. Each token is used to produce a different item. You can also use the tokens in the production of technologies such as Gadgets, Suits, and modes.

There are six types of tokens collected differently in Marvel's Spider-Man. If you roam the open world of the game, events will be triggered where you can earn tokens. If you want to learn about the types of tokens and how to get them, read on!

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered
Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered

How Do You Get Tokens in Spider-Man?

Challenge Tokens

Challenges Tokens can be obtained after a mini-game where you race against the clock and complete mission objectives. Challenge Tokens are the most challenging Token type to obtain in the game. The main reason for this is that the challenges are designed to force the play. However, you don't have to worry because you don't have to collect these tokens until a certain stage of the game. Towards the middle of the story, you will encounter a cutscene that will unlock Challenge Tokens. You will then need to collect these tokens and unlock the gadgets and suites it is linked to.

Backpack Tokens

Backpack Tokens are limited edition tokens in certain locations. One of the easiest tokens to obtain in the game is Backpack Tokens. When you open the world map, Backpack Tokens, indicated by the green icon, are hidden next to buildings or on the corners of the streets. When you approach a Backpack Tokens, you can see it glowing with a golden aura.

how to get all tokens in marvels spiderman

Research Tokens

Research Tokens are the tokens you can get in the quest series in which you help Peter. To get these tokens, you need to solve puzzle-based mini-games. For example, you can obtain Research Tokens with mini-games such as forming laser beams into certain alignments. Puzzle difficulties increase with each new token. For this reason, Research Tokens, which are easy to obtain at the beginning of the game, become more difficult as the game progresses.

Landmark Tokens

To get Landmark Tokens, you need to take a photo of famous districts in New York. Taking pictures of lore-compatible buildings, structures, and regions designed by the developers in-game also earns you Landmark Tokens. Landmark Tokens are the easiest token type to obtain in-game.

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Base Tokens

There are areas on the map that have been captured by criminal gangs and your enemies. Clearing these areas and clearing your enemies earns you Base Tokens. To unlock these zones on your map, you must climb the observation towers and unlock new zones. As you progress in the game, the power of your enemies will increase in proportion to your progress. For this reason, to get Base Tokens, you must go through a tough fight first.

Crime Tokens

If a random event was triggered while browsing the open world, we recommend completing that event. Because when you complete the random event, you earn crime tokens. Defeating the enemies who hijacked a car, rescuing the hostage, and repelling the enemies that cause the people to panic are random events that will be triggered. In addition, because you are in contact with the police, crimes happening near you are reported to you via radio.