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Junkyard Truck Tips for A Better Gameplay

Junkyard Truck Tips for A Better Gameplay

Although Junkyard Truck offers really fun gameplay, it might get frustrating to not know what to do. For you to get the most out of this simulator, we are going to answer all the questions you might have about Junkyard Truck. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Junkyard Truck

Junkyard Truck
Junkyard Truck

My truck got stuck, what to do?

If your truck got stuck in Junkyard Truck and you cannot get it to move, no worries. We’ve been there, done that. 

You have two options: you can tow your car off-road truck home or to the cities, or you can teleport yourself home. Pressing the "5" key will bring up the phone in the lower right corner. Then press the "E" key to select the appropriate teleport option. Just pick a place and you are good to go!

my truck got stuck in junkyard truck

How to find the tobacco farm?

Junkyard Truck allows you to grow tobacco leaves and make money. This can be used to buy new tires, off-road truck parts or other uses.
The interactive map in Junkyard Truck can be used to locate the location of tobacco farms. This map is continually updated. The map shows the location of the tobacco farm to the East. It is not marked with a marker and there is no road.

To reach the tobacco farm, you will need tires that are at least able to handle mud. To get to the tobacco farms, start from the town and take the designated dirt road. If your engine parts are more advanced, go uphill or follow the river.

How to change tires?

Junkyard Truck tires can be changed easily without the need for additional equipment, services or machinery.

To remove the tires from the wheels, use the crowbar which is “7” on the keyboard. Aim at the rim with the crowbar and then press the mouse button. Simply move the tire closer to the rim until the green mark appears.

junkyard truck tips

Why is my money not increasing?

This is both a clever and simple solution from the game's developer. You have to add the money to your account to make it work. 

To do that, take a stack of banknotes, open the inventory by pressing the “TAB” keys and hide them with “I”.  

junkyard truck guide

Where to sell unnecessary stuff?

Do you want to make some extra money in Junkyard Truck but aren't sure where to sell scrap, logs or metal ore, or garbage bags? It's easy - you have a map that you can use. Each place is marked with an icon.

You can sell junk at the Junkyard (recycling icon in the upper left corner on the map). Logs can also be sold at the point where the raid began (anvil icon). Metal ore can also be sold near the beginning point of the raid (anvil icon). You can sell garbage bags at a garbage dump located in the top portion of the map (trash can icon).