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How to Solve the Church Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake

How to Solve the Church Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake

In Chapter 4 of Resident Evil 4 Remake, you will find the Key that will unlock the Church. But once inside, you will find a complicated stained glass puzzle. Do not worry! In this article, we will show you how to solve the stained glass puzzle in the church. 

You must find the missing blue dial to solve the Resident Evil 4 church puzzle. Place it on the altar and rotate the dials until the stained glass fits perfectly around the Las Plagas Insignia.

Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4

Where is the Church Puzzle?

You will find the stained glass puzzle at the end Chapter 4, after you have defeated El Gigante. Once you have returned with the key to the church, unlocked it and made your way back, you'll find an empty hall. The locked door is on the left and has no key slot. In the middle of the church you'll see a large stained glass mural. To begin, move to the right side of the room, and then collect all the items you find, including Blue Dial. Without this item, you can't begin the puzzle.

resident evil 4 church puzzle how to solve

How to solve the Stained Glass Church Puzzle? Step by Step Guide.

  1. When you enter the church follow the route to the altar down the church aisle. Next, turn left and follow the passage up to find the blue dial. Find the dial by opening the cabinet at either end of the passage.
  2. Place your blue dial on the church's altar. Now, you have one red dial, one blue dial, and one green dial that control the color of the stained glass.
  3. Rotate each of the stained glass colors until it forms an image.White light must not show through. My suggestion is to concentrate on one color at once and match the colors towards the center of the Las Plagas emblem. You can match up a lot of green shards with the limbs in the Las Plagas parasite's body, for example.

What is the reward of the Church Puzzle?

Once you have solved the Resident Evil 4 Church Light Puzzle, you can go through the gate now that it is lower and rescue Ashley. This brings you to Chapter 4. Now you can escape with the President’s daughter in Chapter 5. You should still collect the Resident Evil 4 key that is sitting at the altar. It's possible to use it for unlocking drawers in a safe room at the side of the church.