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How to Solve All Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Solve All Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy

The Merlin Trials are essentially a collection of small puzzles that require magic, puzzle or another technique to solve. You'll be able to find them all around the map as your exploration continues.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed when first seeing the Merlin Trials. We designed this guide to help you navigate through trials. Here are the details you need in order to complete all of the Merlin Trials within Hogwarts Legacy.

All You Need to Know About the Merlin Trials

How to get gear slots in Hogwarts Legacy?

The only way to unlock more gear slots is by completing the Merlin Trials. These trials are essential if you want to have a greater inventory and avoid having to sell or destroy outfits every five minutes. You can unlock more Gear Slots by participating in increasing numbers of Merlin Trials.

Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy

How to unlock Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy?

After completing Natty's "The Girl of Uagadou" quest, you will be able to unlock Merlin Trials by talking to Nora Treadwell, a witch. Treadwell's mission, literally "Trials of Merlin", is very obvious. Just listen to Natty's shouting when she finishes her quest.

Which spells do you need to complete Merlin Trials?

You will encounter nine Merlin Trials variations. Each solution is found within the immediate vicinity. This marker is highlighted in blue whenever you cast Revelio. To complete many Merlin Trials, you will need one of these spells:

  • Basic cast
  • Accio
  • Lumio
  • Flipendo
  • Reparo
  • Depulsa
  • Infendio and/or Confringo

How to solve the Merlin Trial with stone block puzzles?

You might find stone cubes that are resting on pillars. These stones may be covered with markings. You will need to use Flipendo to flip them, ensure that each stone cube is correctly aligned with its pillar.

How to solve Small Stone Balls Merlin Trial?

The Merlin Trial will contain three circularly shaped stone plates on the floor and three small stones balls. To clear this trial, you will need to use Accio for leading the balls to each of the stone plates.

How to solve Large Stone Balls Merlin Trial?

This one is simple. You simply need to use Depulso to roll a large, stone ball into a bowl. There is usually a clear path to the bowl goal because the balls are often high up. They move very slowly, but they are difficult to steer because they are too heavy for Accio or Leviosa.

How to repair statues in Merlin Trials?

A few statues near you will be destroyed when this trial is activated. Repairo can fix all of them. Revelio can help you locate any missing ones if you have difficulty finding one.

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How to solve the Merlin Trial with sticks and balls?

Another simple Merlin Trial involves nine stone balls sitting upon stone columns. They are found in three groups around the Merlin Trial marker. The hardest part is often just finding them. They glow with Revelio, but they can be hidden behind walls or higher than you would expect. It's then easy to hit them all with your basic spell.

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How to light torches in Merlin Trials?

Use Confringo or Incendio to light the torches surrounding the trial. You'll see them sink into the ground if you don't light them fast enough. Keep this in mind. Light the tallest one first, and then find their positions. Confringo is best if you can see the distance.

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How to gather moths in Merlin Trials?

The guiding of the moth quest involves leading a group moths to three glowing statues. The statues will be visible first, but then the moths will need to be found. Lumio can be used to summon the moths to you wand and lead them to the statues. Repeat this process for each of the three statues.

How to solve the Merlin Trial with green spotted blocks?

This is the easiest of the Merlin Trials. You just need to use Confringo and destroy any blocks in your immediate vicinity that look similar to the ones above. You will always find at least one hidden block, so you can use Revelio for them to glow in blue and smash them all.

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How to solve the Merlin Trial with stones on water?

The final and most rare of the Merlin Trials, this is a simple platforming task. A series of stones platforms will be found along a line which is essentially an obstacle course. To reach the end, you must jump from one platform to another without touching the ground. No spell is needed.