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How to Get Troll Bogey in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Get Troll Bogey in Hogwarts Legacy

It's easy to find Troll Bogeys. You can either buy them cheaply or search for them in The Highlands. Here's all you need to know about Troll Bogeys and buying them in Hogsmeade.

The first time you really notice the importance of bogeys is is when Professor Onai gives you a task: field test Depulso with a levitated opponent and collect a Troll Bogey. The first is straightforward. You can find any enemy that you want to cast spells on. The troll however is more specific. If you can't locate one, it can be difficult to find one. That is why I will be sharing my tips and tricks on finding and defeating these huge enemies to get their buggies in this guide.

A Full Guide on How to Get Troll Bogey

Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy

How to buy Troll Bogey?

Troll Bogeys can be purchased directly from the sellers if you don't want to spend your time hunting down trolls. If you are looking to buy Troll Bogeys, head to J. Pippin’s Potions, located in Hogsmeade. They are sold for 100 Galleons per piece, but keep in mind that Pippin only has a limited number of these items. You can find the West Hogsmeade Floo Flame right next to this shop.

how to buy troll bogey in hogwarts legacy

Best Locations to Collect Troll Bogey

If you are looking for the best locations to collect Troll Bogeys, you should consider visiting Northern and Easter parts of Feldcroft, along with the Eastern parts of Poidsear Castle. All these places are known for having an abundance of trolls, which makes them ideal for collecting troll buggies.

How to get Troll Bogey?

If you are looking for an alternative method to acquiring Troll Bogeys, you can do so by defeating trolls in battle. These large enemies lurk in lairs and at random places around the World Map.

How to find Troll lairs?

Troll Lairs can be identified on the World Map by a cave-like icon. You can take a look around to find these locations and fight these huge enemies. It will be easier to reach all Floo Flame locations the more you unlock them. You can also unlock a broom to speed up your travels, as many of these locations are quite far from Hogwarts castle.

troll lair locations in hogwarts legacy

How to defeat Trolls in Hogwarts Legacy?

You have found the lair, well-done! Now what? It's time to fight. 

Three main trolls are to be on your guard at Hogwarts Legacy's beginning. There will be three types of trolls: River Trolls (Armoured Trolls), and Mountain Trolls. The River Troll is the easiest to defend if you're able. These beasts will bombard your with attacks that you can block with Protego. You must ensure that you hold the shield with every perfect block in order to stun the Troll and easily destroy it.

Mountain Trolls as well as Armoured Trolls make it a bit harder. They have an attack pattern that involves three waves. The first two attacks cannot be dodged and the third attack can be blocked. Mountain Trolls will charge at you, so wait until they come charging at you before you unleash your most powerful spells. If they are able to avoid you and hit a wall, they'll be stunned and take much more damage for a short time.