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How to Get the Shovel in Sons of The Forest

How to Get the Shovel in Sons of The Forest

Sons of the Forest is out and while the biggest question in minds is whether it is going to live up to the expectations, a close second is where to find the shovel.

You will need two additional pieces of kit to obtain the Sons of the Forest shovel. You also have a variety of monsters that you can fight and avoid. It's not an easy feat, but we’ve done it before and we can show you how.

What do you need to find the shovel?

This guide will walk you through the steps on how to get the shovel in Sons of the Forest. To obtain the shovel in Sons of the Forest you will need some items to move through the cave.

  • Rope Gun
  • Rebreather
  • Air Tank

The rebreather is located inside a cave at the northern end of the island. The rope gun can be found in the cave to the west.

Once you have the rebreather, rope gun, you can go to the dumper. This won't be easy. You'll need to be prepared to reload saves often and run into monsters. There are a lot of them. Without good armour, weapons, and healing supplies, it's likely you won't make it through many fights.

Sons Of The Forest
Sons Of The Forest

Where is the Shovel?

For the shovel location, go to the cave located near the snowy section of the map. You will know you have found the cave when there are bodies on stakes, and some supplies scattered about. Take the slingshot of one of these bodies, and use it to build a shelter for your game. I suggest building a wooden shelter and keeping any tarps to build the cave. This will give you a checkpoint.

sons of the forest shovel

Where to go inside the cave?

Inside the cave, you will see a light shining on a rope that has some cloth attached. This is why you will need the rope gun. Grab the cloth and use the rope gun to enter the cave. You will find a wider area and water that is free from enemies. also has an O2 canister. It's important to grab this as you won't be able to get many of them and you will soon need it. Once you have it, go in the water.

Swim down into the water immediately after you jump. Following the channel, you will see a channel going straight down. You'll be swimming back to where you stood.

sons of the forest shovel location

You will encounter a lot basic enemies once you emerge from the water. These enemies can cause serious problems if you poke them with a spear. You can make a lot of them drown if they keep going on and on. While you won't be allowed to steal any creepy armor from them, you can avoid some serious damage. You can also run straight through them, as they won't be following you to the end.

It is possible that you won't be able drown them all, so be prepared to fight or avoid some as you go. Keep an eye on the O2 canisters! You will be moving through this section. You won't be able to find them often so grab it while you can. I grabbed this one as I passed by.

Get the Shovel

You'll eventually reach a point where you can drop into more water if you continue following the tunnel. Follow the linear tunnel again, looking for dry land. You'll eventually reach a large cavern that is oddly lit. You will find a flashlight attachment on the body if you head towards it.

sons of the forest where is the shovel

Continue following the trail until you reach the surface of the water. Now it's time to take another underwater swim. You will be able to surface once you are able to climb out. Follow the path again until you see horizontal lights off in the distance. The shovel will be found on the other side of the cave, laying with a dead body.