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How to Find All Demiguise Statues in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Find All Demiguise Statues in Hogwarts Legacy

This guide will show you the locations of all the 30 Demiguise-statues found throughout Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and the Highlands.

The Demiguise Statues quest unlocks the Autumn season, and Moon sends an owl to you asking for your assistance. He will give you Alohomora Level One and ask you for some Demiguise Moons that are hidden in the Faculty Tower.

Demiguise Statues and Where to find them (pun intended.)

What are Demiguise Statues?

Gladwin Moon is the school's caretaker and the source of the Alohomora skill. He will show you the first Demiguise Statue when you first get it. It depicts a strange creature carrying a glowing object. You can only collect the Demiguise Moon orb when it is nighttime. To find these objects, you will need to advance the game’s day-night cycle by using the world map.

where to find all demiguise statues

How to get Alohomora upgrades?

The Alohomora spell in Hogwarts Legacy is a core gameplay function. It allows you to unlock doors and chests . Unfortunately, the upgrade process is still ongoing so you can only use level 1 locks for your first access. You need to collect Demiguise statues and moons to upgrade your Alohomora skills. 

For Alohomora Level 2, you need 9 Demiguise statues. For Alohomora Level 3, you need 13 Demiguise statues. 

Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy

Locations of All Demiguise Statues in Hogwarts

Below are the Hogwarts legacy Demiguise statues that can be found in the castle. You will need nine Demiguise Moons in order to upgrade the Alohomora curse. Higher-level locks are available in certain areas so you will most likely visit Hogsmeade just to upgrade.

  • Secret Chambers: Map Chamber. Turn left at the Hogwarts Cistern. You will find a Level 1 door right before the Dragon Statue.
  • Bell Tower Wing Hogwarts North Exit.
  • Bell Tower Wing Beast Classroom - The hut is secured by a level 2 lock. Grab the object in the bedroom of the professor.
  • Astronomywing: Transfiguration Courtyard- Enter through the door at the fast travel point. Then, unlock the level 2.
  • Great Hall : Open the Great Hall door on the right-hand side.
  • Astronomywing: Professor Fig’s Classroom – On top of a fireplace-side table.
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower – Follow the exit to the left to reach the Hall of Herodiana. Take a right to see a locked door at level 1. The item can be found in the bathroom stall.
  • Library Annex : Library Return to Restricted Section basement. It's just beyond the Eye Chest
  • Library Annex - Divination Classroom. - Inside the classroom.
  • Library Annex : Potions Classroom - Go to the left and descend the steps. Next, open the door at level 1. You will find a second level door to your left. The item is in the room.

all demiguise statue locations

Locations of All Demiguise Statues in Hogsmeade

We have included a map for the Hogsmeade Demiguise statues and Demiguise moons in Hogwarts Legacy. This is due to its clearer layout. Some of these spots only have level 1 locks, while others are easy to obtain. A few have level 2 locks.

  • Three Broomsticks You can access the main door. You can climb up the staircase to reach the top floor, where you will find the Level 1 door.
  • Three Broomsticks (outside, to the right) Enter the house next to Three Broomsticks. The lock is a level 1.
  • Brood and Peck are located in the small house across the street. It has a level 1 lock.
  • Southwest alley- Look for the house to your left, in the alley between Ollivanders and Tomes and Scrolls. To unlock the level 2, you will need to first open the door.
  • Scrolls and Tomes - In the shopkeeper’s bedroom, right next to an Eye Chest.
  • Hog’s Head – In the wine cellar.
  • Dervish and Banges - are on top of the counter.
  • Honey-dukes - Look in the area behind Honeydukes. Inside this small hut is a chest with a level 1 lock.
  • J. Pippin Potion Shop – There is a house with a level 2-lock right beside the J. Pippin Potion Shop.

where are demiguise statues in hogwarts

Locations of All Demiguise Statues on the Highlands

This section of Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise Statues' will be dealt with differently. This is because Highland hamlets tend to have very few houses and are often small. So we will be going north to south and checking out the hamlets. We'll also mention any houses that have Demiguise Moons or if they are locked by default. You will also need to travel through the mountain tunnel of the Coastal Cavern to reach the southern portion of the map.

  • Feldcroft - Level 2 - The house slightly to east.
  • Pitt-Upon Ford – Two-storey house west of the Floo Flame.
  • Irondale – The place to be when you spawn.
  • Marunweem - a hut located in the middle of the hamlet.
  • Upper Hogsfield - Small hut, with the broken wheel near the door.
  • Aranshire - Level 1 - The second floor of the house, which is located near the Floo Flame.
  • Lower Hogsfield - The hut on the right. This is the home of the parent who needs your support for The Lost Child quest.
  • Brocburrow – The house located near the Merlin Trial.
  • Bainburgh - Level 2 - Once you spawn, the house to your left is Bainburgh.
  • Cragcroft - is a slightly larger hamlet than other. The house that you are searching for is right next to NPC the vendor.
  • Keenbridge - Level 1. A three-storey house located further from the others.