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How to Find All Blue Medallions in Resident Evil 4 Remake

How to Find All Blue Medallions in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake is back with blue medallions. Resident Evil 4 Remake offers several Merchant Requests to reward Spinels. One of these Merchant Requests recurs several times during the campaign, you are looking for Blue Medallions.

These objects can usually be found hanging from your environment and can be shot to complete the total. You can find our Resident Evil 4 Blue Medallions Guide to assist you in completing the objectives for each area.

The Ultimate Blue Medallions Guide for RE4

Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4

What is the Reward for Blue Medallions Quest?

You will be rewarded with Spinels for completing requests. These Spinels can be used to purchase special items at the merchant's shop. You may be required to find and sell specific items, which will give you a little extra cash every now and again.

Blue Medallions Locations: Farm

You will find the first batch blue medallions in the farm area, as you approach the lake. These can be tackled either during your first visit or afterward.

  • Blue Medallion 1: Starting from the southern corner of the area, it is hanging outside of the house with the typewriter inside.
  • Blue Medallion 2: It is hanging from the ceiling inside the small barn on the western side of the farm.
  • Blue Medallion 3: It is behind one of the pillars inside the large barn in the mid-south part of the area, below the word “farm” if you’re looking at the map.
  • Blue Medallion 4: It is hanging from the upper window of the biggest barn toward the north side of the farm.
  • Blue Medallion 5: Hanging underneath a passage with broken ledge. The passage surrounds a circle-shaped structure in the farm area. You can then hop inside to activate it. You can shoot from the other corner and reach the upper floor by heading over to the barn.

resident evil 4 remake blue medallions

Blue Medallions Locations: Quarry / Fish Farm

As you cross the lake, the second batch of blue medallions will be in the Quarry and Fish Farm areas. They can be tackled either during your first visit, or anytime afterward. However, you must not go over to the extraction site at the main story. You won't have the ability to return.

  • Blue Medallion 1: A Blue Medallion hangs from the top of the Quarry area. There is also a treasure lantern hanging there.
  • Blue Medallion 2: You'll find the boat, the Hexagon Altar Puzzle and the wooden walkway below the Blue Medallion 2 in the section that is adjacent.
  • Blue Medallion 3: Inside the Fish Farm central hut.
  • Blue Medallion 4: Just past the ramp way is a wooden wall.
  • Blue Medallion 5: Underneath, a jetty at the northern end of this portion, which also houses a Hexagon Piece.

where to find all blue medallion locations resident evil 4

Blue Medallions Locations: Castle Gate / Entrance

You will find the third group of blue medallions in the Castle Gate area. Here you can use the cannon. They can be tackled either during your first visit, or later, provided you don't go over to the clocktower. Otherwise, you won't have the ability to return.

  • Blue Medallion 1: Attached at a tree in the area outside the walled. This is just before you reach the short cutscene where a catapult blows up an object.
  • Blue Medallion 2: After reaching the main area, look for this hanging off a structure located in the middle.
  • Blue Medallion 3: This is to the left and further up from the windows.
  • Blue Medallion 4: Take the narrow pathway to the gazebo, and you'll find this hanging off to the side.
  • Blue Medallion 5: Drop off the ledge and reach the cannon.
  • Blue Medallion 6: Follow the looping route until you reach where the cannon stands. A medallion and treasure chest are located here. The door leads back to the central section, which can be unlocked.

blue medallions location guide

Blue Medallions Locations: The Grand Hall

The Grand Hall of the castle houses the fourth batch blue medallions. You can tackle them either on your first visit or later. Just make sure you don't go to the clocktower in main story. Otherwise, you won't get the chance to return.

  • Blue Medallion 1: Above a dresser in front of the main hall section.
  • Blue Medallion 2: Behind the Chimera Statue.
  • Blue Medallion 3: Stuck to the Chandelier, which can be shot when going to the second-floor landing.
  • Blue Medallion 4: On the back window of the Dining Hall.
  • Blue Medallion 5: In the right-hand corner of the Armory, just before you fall down.
  • Blue Medallion 6: Attached to the Gallery pillar which can be seen after the bridge has been lowered.

Blue Medallions Locations: Cargo Depot

It's best to tackle this one as soon you are able to explore Cargo Depot. This is because you can complete all of them before entering the main area. They can be taken later but not before you reach the summit. Leon will then confront that One Character.

  • Blue Medallion 1: Attached to a Yellow Walkway High Above the Metal Door That Leads Back to the Merchant
  • Blue Medallion 2: To the right of and slightly under the metal door leading back to Merchant.
  • Blue Medallion 3: Proceed to the right from the metal door to the scrapyard. This is attached to the cargo container.
  • Blue Medallion 4: Immediately across from that is an additional one.
  • Blue Medallion 5: Turn all the way to your left and gaze up. This can be found on top a water tank.

resident evil 4 blue medallion reward

Blue Medallions Locations: Cliffside Ruins

The Cliffside Ruins are the location of the sixth batch of blue Medallions. They can be tackled on your first visit, or anytime after that. However, you must not head up to the summit once you have completed the Specimen Storage. Otherwise, you will miss them.

  • Blue Medallion 1: Once you've picked up the note and turned left, you will see it on a timber structure.
  • Blue Medallion 2: is located high up inside the church tower.
  • Blue Medallion 3: Move backwards from the wooden structure. This should be attached on a pillar which protrudes from lower area and has a treasure container.
  • Blue Medallion 4: Return to the beginning section of the destroyed village. This is near a ladder which leads to the lower part of the chest.
  • Blue Medallion 5: Check the lower portion. A gap should appear overlooking the sea. This will be visible on the rocky mountains.