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FPS Chess Tips and Tricks

FPS Chess Tips and Tricks

You may be wondering what FPS chess is all about. We are here to explain what it is to you and give you all the tips and tricks to be better at it. FPS is a game that takes precedence over chess. You win duel after duel and a real strategy until you beat their King and win the game. 

In this article, we cover gameplay tips you need to know to destroy every opponent you face in FPS Chess.

FPS Chess
FPS Chess

Positioning of the Pieces


You may have already seen that you can attack your first move with the bishop, which is not something we could do in conventional chess. But you need to be careful when making your first move with the bishop. The problem is that the knight can counter the bishop, rendering this 1st-move attack useless.

King and Queen

Another unusual positioning is of the queen and king. But this is rather practical compared to the bishop’s nightmare. The queen can easily counter the king. This means that all players will want to bomb rush the enemy's monarch with the queen as soon as possible.

fps chess tips and tricks

My solution was to move the enemy queen and friendly king to opposite sides. That forces the queen at least 4 times to engage in a fight with her king. This should give you enough time and energy to defend your king from the unexplainably powerful pawns.


We all know just how powerful rooks really are. They are strong and resilient and can only be softly beaten by the king, bishop, or any other person who has an interest in their ability to move.

To protect the enemy and your king against the queen, your rooks should stand next to the king. They will protect the 2 pawns in front of them. 

how to play fps chess

Weaknesses and Strengths of the Pieces


The pawn has a poor overall rating. He's mostly used to defend the king and other high-value units like the Rook. Because of the huge damage that the pawn's musket takes, it is nearly useless against knights/rooks who will attack you from any direction. Because the knight lacks mobility, the pawn will have a chance of killing him at the beginning of each game. 

The Queen

The Queen is extremely bad against the Rook, but she is great against all the other units. It is easy to win quick and unexpected wins with the slam. However, it requires great movement from your opponent to outplay. Although her gun isn’t very powerful, if you can shoot someone consistently for 6 seconds or more, she will stop them from regenerating their health. You'll be sniped if you aren't as skilled in low-skill matches.

The King

The most important unit on the board is the King. Protecting the King against the Rook is essential to win the game. He does incredible damage up close, and his pull ability makes him difficult to play against. He is able to defeat most units, except the Rook. He is a big piece with good mobility. However, he can also be shot down and kited.


Rooks have a long range and can position themselves instantly without any damage. This allows him to easily kill people who are unable to move or lack mobility. The knight is the only unit capable of defeating the rook since he can do the exact same thing.

fps chess gameplay strategy


The knight is just as bad as the Rook. Just like The Rook, it lacks mobility, and the knight's bow is less effective at long range. Although he has a slight advantage in close range relative to The Rook, all of the same applies.


The Bishop isn’t great against Knights or Rooks but is excellent against Pawns. This makes it very effective for defending. He is unable to move well and can glide very slowly, making it easy for enemies to snipe from the air. Except in extremely rare situations, it doesn't really work.