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Fort Solis All Endings and How to Get Them

Fort Solis All Endings and How to Get Them

In the chilling expanse of the Red Planet's remote mining station, Fort Solis, players are thrust into a narrative-driven psychological sci-fi thriller that keeps hearts pounding and minds racing.

With an ensemble cast featuring talents like Roger Clark and Troy Baker, the game unfurls a suspenseful saga of isolation and confusion within the station's echoing corridors. As the story unfolds, players are tasked with making decisions that slightly shape the conclusion, culminating in two distinct endings. Let's delve into these endings and explore how to attain them.

Here is Everything About Fort Solis Endings

Fort Solis
Fort Solis

Fort Solis Ending Explained

Fort Solis is a roller coaster of emotions set against a backdrop of extraterrestrial desolation. Your journey as Jack, entwined with the enigmatic Jessica and formidable Wyatt, takes you through heart-pounding sequences and tense battles. The game's climax offers two different roads: a better ending and a more devastating one.

How to Get the Good Ending

The better of the two conclusions awaits those who navigate the harrowing challenges with resilience. As the story climaxes, Jack faces Wyatt in an intense hand-to-hand combat. Successfully overcoming Wyatt results in Jack's rescue by a special forces team, signifying his survival and a glimpse of hope. This ending is commonly achieved during initial playthroughs.

Fort Solis ending explained

How to Get the Bad Ending

However, Fort Solis harbors even darker possibilities. While many actions have minor repercussions, one critical sequence can change everything. Failure to execute commands during Jack's final escape sequence opens the door to a nightmarish outcome. Wyatt catches up to Jack, and a desperate struggle unfolds on the Martian surface, leaving both characters mortally wounded. This "very bad" ending serves as a stark reminder of the game's haunting atmosphere.

The Alternate Ending: A Twist in Fate

Beyond the main endings, an alternate conclusion beckons the daring. Surprisingly, this ending requires less planning and specific actions. During the initial interaction between Jack, Jessica, and Wyatt, tensions run high. After the first fight, when Jessica closes the airlock, Jack ventures outside. While common instinct drives players to confront Wyatt in the hangar, this time, refrain from any input as Jack walks. This unique path leads to a distinct twist on the game's conclusion, providing a fresh perspective on the characters' fates. This alternate ending offers a darker twist compared to the primary ending.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Fort Solis isn't just about endings; it's about immersion. Throughout the game, keen explorers can discover collectibles, items, audio logs, emails, and video recordings that unveil deeper layers of the station's history and inhabitants. For completionists seeking 100% achievement, these hidden gems offer a richer gameplay experience.

how to get each ending in fort solis

In retrospect, Fort Solis thrives on its narrative prowess, the pulse-pounding gameplay, and the choices players make. As you traverse the dimly lit corridors and confront your fears, every decision adds to the intricate web of outcomes. Whether you opt for the better or the worse conclusion, each ending stands as a testament to the game's ability to captivate and enthrall.

Fort Solis, with its gripping storyline and chilling setting, immerses players in a tale of survival, choices, and the consequences that arise from them. Whether you guide Jack toward salvation or succumb to the darkest outcomes, the endings you achieve are a reflection of your strategic thinking and emotional engagement. As you explore the mysteries of this forsaken mining station, remember that every step you take shapes the outcome, making your journey on Mars an unforgettable odyssey. Achieving the alternate ending will grant you both the seventh character collectible and the “Causality” trophy.