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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Squad Building Guide

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Squad Building Guide

In addition to single-player career modes, FIFA 23 also has an online gameplay mode called FIFA Ultimate Team or AKA FUT.

Squad Building Tips in FUT

To form a great team in FUT, you need to purchase or earn lots of player cards, which are also sold with in-game currency. There are several methods to obtain a player card. The most popular of these methods is to open a deck and get a random player out of the deck. If you're new to FIFA 23 and want to build a team for FUT, we've prepared a new player guide for you!

FUT Objectives

In order to get free decks with good players in FIFA 23, you need to complete the tasks in the objectives menu. When you log into Objectives, you will see Milestones on the top tabs. After switching to the Milestone tab, you will see a list of tasks that you need to complete. In these task lists, some tasks give you card decks as a reward, where you can get good players. This guide will cover the Milestone missions you need to complete and easy ways to complete them.

Finishing Mastery

Finishing Mastery is a Milestone series with a total of nine missions. Each mission provides you with different card rewards. For example, if you complete the first mission of the series, Double Delight, you will get two 75-83 Rated Players Packs. However, the quest you have to complete in this questline is called Finesse 100. The Finesse 100 task is the "score 100 Finesse goals". If you complete this quest, you will receive a Jumbo Rare Players Pack as a reward. Jumbo Rare Players Pack is a pack where the drop rate of good players is high.


The second task you must complete in the Finishing Mastery category is the 500 Goals task. To complete this mission, you need to complete "score 500 goals with a squad rating 80+". You will receive a Jumbo Rare Players Pack after completing 500 Goals missions. After completing this mission, you will have two Jumbo Rare Players Packs in total.

FIFA 23 ultimate team squad building

Assist Mastery

The tasks you need to complete after Finishing Mastery are in the Assist Mastery category. The task you must complete in this category is the 500 Assist task. With a squad with a 75 rating or more, you must score 500 assisted goals. If you complete this quest, you will receive a Jumbo Rare Players Pack.

After completing all the missions, you will receive a total of three Jumbo Rare Players Packs. By opening these packs, you can have good players and gain an advantage when building your team.

fifa 23 squad builder

Easy Way to Complete Missions

Although it may seem difficult to complete the missions, you can actually complete all the missions by sinking two or three hours in. You don't need to play online matches to complete these missions. You can join offline matches in easy mode and complete these missions quickly. You can also enter a match with a friend and complete quests with him or her. So, you can get good players into your squad in a few hours! But still, there will be opponents that spends 48 hours of FUT a day. So, get ready to rage.