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DNF Duel Best Characters

DNF Duel Best Characters

If you are playing DNF Duel and wondering about the strongest characters, you are in the right place! Featuring sixteen different characters, each with unique gameplay,

DNF Duel also features overpowered characters. These characters are the ones who are strong in an area and use that power against their opponents. Since each character has its gameplay, we recommend that you choose the character you enjoy playing.

DNF Duel
DNF Duel

Best Characters in DNF Duel


Troubleshooter is one of the strongest classes in the game, with both its awakening ability and MP abilities. The main reasons for this are that Troubleshooter's awakening ability boosts all his MP abilities. Troubleshooter, which has more combos and more detailed gameplay than other characters, requires a long time of practice to master. Troubleshooter has an advantage over melee characters as it has ranged attacks.

Swift Master

Swift Master is an agile class with the fastest gameplay in the game. If you're going to specialize in Swift Master, you'll need to damage your opponent quickly and avoid their damage. Swift Master's awakening ability also speeds up his gameplay. She gains a 50% bonus for her movement speed thanks to her awakening ability. This advantage also strengthens his dodge abilities. If you are looking for a character with fast gameplay based on harassing opponents, Swift Master is a character designed for you. You'll also have a powerful move where you can dodge your opponents' attack.

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight enters the battlefield with a small dragon pet. In this case, while your opponent is one person, you become two people. Dragon Knight's power is related to controlling the pet he brings with him. Dragon Knight, which has difficult gameplay compared to other classes, has the damage potential to reward this effort. Dragon Knight is the character with the highest air mobility in the game. She can also send more special attacks to her opponents thanks to her awakening power.


Crusader is the character with the highest health points in the game. He becomes a great threat to his enemies with his MP abilities and range. Crusader has various abilities to punish his opponents. Also, some of his attacks are ranged. It allows him to put pressure on his opponents. Crusader is a character designed for you if you want to damage your opponents from a distance but want your opponents to deal low damage to you.

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Thanks to his awakening power, Ranger gains a great advantage over his opponents. Even without his awakening power, he puts a lot of pressure on his opponents with his long-range attacks. If you use Ranger's abilities correctly, your opponents will have tough moments on the battlefield. The Ranger has attacks and traps that prevent his opponents from advancing toward him.

If you have chosen which character to use, we recommend that you start practicing with that character. Each character has unique gameplay mechanics, and you need to master those mechanics. The more you play with a character, the more you can specialize in that character.