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DNF Duel Awakening Powers of All Characters

DNF Duel Awakening Powers of All Characters

DNF Duel is a fighting game between two players or the player and artificial intelligence. There are 16 characters with different combos, attacks, and powers in the game.

Each character gains a special Awakening perk when they fall below 30% health. If you're curious about these benefits, keep reading!

DNF Duel
DNF Duel

Berserker: Thirst

The Berserker character's awakening advantage is called Thirst. This perk allows the Berserker to gain 20% of the damage dealt as life points. For this reason, it is possible to increase your health bar while playing Berserker.

Crusader: Merciful Strength

The Crusader character's awakening advantage is called Merciful Strength. This awakening skill reduces all damage taken by Crusader by 10%. Also triples his white health bar regen. Crusader is one of the most powerful tank characters in the game.

dnf duel awakening powers

Dragon Knight: Dragon Force

Dragon Knight's awakening advantage is called Dragon Force. This feature gives Dragon Knight twice the speed of MP regeneration. She can then perform more special attacks.

Enchantress: Favorite

The name of the awakening advantage of the Enchantress character is Favoritism. Thanks to this awakening skill, the Enchantress can use her special attack for a third MP cost.

Ghostblade: Phantasmal Binity

Ghostblade's awakening perk is called Phantasmal Binity. With this awakening, Ghostblade deals 10% more damage to enemies. Thanks to this ability, Ghostblade is a more dangerous enemy at low health.

Grappler: Iron Physique

The awakening advantage of the Grappler character is called Iron Physique. This awakening causes Grappler to take 80% less white bar damage. This ability, which is very strong against specific opponents, makes the Grappler a tank class.

Vanguard: Demonic Lance Mastery

The Vanguard character's awakening advantage is called Demonic Lance Mastery. With this ability, Vanguard inflicts 50% more damage to characters that block.

Troubleshooter: Handle Explosives

The Troubleshooter character's awakening advantage is called Handle Explosives. The Troubleshooter character has four different special attacks. He enables these features to become more powerful and effective with his awakening skill.

Swift Master: Wind Master

Swift Master character's awakening advantage is named Wind Master. Swift Master's awakening power increases movement speed by 50%. This also applies to its forward and backward throws. This makes Swift Master one of the most agile characters in the game.

dnf duel all awakening powers

Striker: Power Fist

The Striker character's awakening advantage is called Power Fist. Striker gains a 10% bonus to all damage with his awakening buff. Also, his minimum damage is doubled. It makes Striker a dangerous opponent.

Ranger: Sudden Death

The name of the Ranger's awakening advantage is Sudden Death. When Ranger has the awakening advantage and damages an opponent, he inflicts the Revenge debuff on the opponent. With this debuff, Ranger takes 25% less damage and deals 30% more damage. Also, the opponent's MP regen is reduced by 33%.

Lost Warrior: Logic of the Dimensions

The Lost Warrior character's awakening advantage is called Logic of the Dimensions. With this ability, Lost Warrior can stop time and inflict damage to his opponent.

Launcher: Overheat

The Launcher character's awakening perk is called Overheat. Overheat doubles the white health damage dealt to the opponent.

Kunoichi: Nin Boost

The Kunoichi character's awakening advantage is called Nin Boost. Kunoichi uses his mana skills cheaper and faster thanks to his awakening advantage.

Inquisitor: Coldhearted Inquisitor

The Inquisitor character can instantly regenerate his MP thanks to his awakening ability.

Hitman: Battle Command

The name of the Hitman character's awakening ability is Battle Command. Hitman can cancel his MP abilities thanks to his awakening ability.