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Digimon Survive Evolution Guide

Digimon Survive Evolution Guide

Digimon Survive is a turn-based strategy game. Your main goal in the game is to advance the story and defeat the enemies you encounter while advancing the story. The game has a strong hook that attracts players in the opening scene.

Every player who is curious about the story of the game will want to keep playing to discover more about the story. As you progress through the story, you will realize that your Digimon's powers are not enough. From this point on, you must either strengthen your Digimon or find stronger Digimons. If you're wondering how to evolve your Digimon or what are the limits to evolution, keep reading!

Digimon Survive
Digimon Survive

How to evolve your Digimon?

There are two basic methods to evolve your Digimon in Digimon Survive.

First Way to Evolve Your Digimon

The first of these methods is to advance the story and evolve the story digimons. Each Digimon in the story can evolve through boss fights after entering a certain battle and gaining experience. In these evolutions, there will be a cutscene showing the evolutionary stage of Digimon. When the cutscene is over, your Digimon will have evolved and gone to the next level. Each time your Digimon evolve, they will have stronger stats and stronger skills. For this reason, evolving your Digimon will benefit you in fighting the enemies in the game.

digimon survive evolution guide

Second Way to Evolve Your Digimon

The second way to evolve your Digimon in Digimon Survive is to use an item. You must find the item they need to evolve the Digimon you collect outside of the story. If you evolve your Digimon, know that it is irreversible. An evolved Digimon cannot revert to its previous form and cannot use abilities that were in its previous form. Also, evolved digimons have a 30 SP requirement to enter the battlefield. For this reason, we recommend that you review your SP costs and battle strategy before deciding which Digimon to evolve. Sometimes evolving a Digimon can make you powerless on the battlefield. It doesn't matter how strong he is if you can't get the Digimon onto the battlefield.

Is there a limit to Digimon's evolution?

Each Digimon has its own evolutionary tree. When you evolve a Digimon, it switches to one of three different options based on your karma. If your Digimon has a higher level, it will evolve differently according to your karma. Your karma is a statistic that is directly related to the evolution of your Digimon. Also, not every Digimon has an equal number of evolution levels.

how to evolve your digimon

Some digimons have four different evolution stages, while others have three evolution stages. You will need the item called Mature Enlightenment Slabs to evolve each Digimon. To obtain this item, you need to head to the locked areas on the map. Researching the game's open world will lead you to the Mature Enlightenment Slabs item. It is also possible to obtain this item as a reward after boss fights.

If you have chosen which Digimon to evolve, now you know how to evolve it. Don't forget to calculate the potential benefits and harms for you when evolving a Digimon!