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Diablo IV Ruins of Eridu Complete Guide

Diablo IV Ruins of Eridu Complete Guide

Diablo 4 is a deep and challenging game that has players spending hours grinding to progress. Players have been looking for dungeons with better rewards, and they have already found one in the form of the Ruins of Eridu.

Located inside Hawezar, this dungeon provides an Aspect that boosts the power of their Necromancer class while also offering great XP farming opportunities due to its good number of Elite enemies.

Read below for a complete guide on how to find and make use of these ruins.

Exact Location Of The Ruins Of Eridu

In Diablo 4 The Ruins of Eridu can be found south of Fractured Peaks in the region known as Hawezar. It is located in the Toxic Fens area west from Vyeresz waypoint which can be accessed by those who completed Vyeresz Stronghold questline.

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This waypoint makes it possible to get to Eridu within a minute’s time. It is recommended that you are at least level 40 before entering this dungeon, so complete Act 1 and explore most of Fractured Peaks first if you haven't done so already as Howezar can prove deadly if you aren’t properly leveled up yet! If you don’t have access to Vyeresz waypoint yet, then your best bet would be navigating from Wejinhani located south from Margrave instead.

Best Way To Farm XP In The Ruins Of Eridu

For best results when farming XP in these ruins or any other dungeon in Diablo 4, it is highly recommended that you play with a group rather than soloing it out; preferably being World Tier 4 or above when doing so as well as taking advantage of elixir system for item acquisition rate boost. When playing within a party, all members will receive an additional experience point bonus after successfully clearing the dungeon plus there's also an option to reset it multiple times by having party leader leave after completion followed by recreating the same party afterwards which allows for some efficient grinding sessions indeed!

Those who choose solo route should note that partially cleared dungeons require 150 seconds worth cooldown period until they reset while completely cleared ones only need 60 seconds before becoming available again - just bear in mind not leaving any portals behind during session otherwise this won't work!

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What To Expect Inside The Ruins Of Eridu

You don't need Necromancer class specifically for reaping rewards inside these ruins but still we recommend being at least level 40 prior entry because Howezar region can prove quite dangerous otherwise! You may expect summoning type boss such Spiritcaller Of Flames here who'll summon several enemies throughout fight along with elemental stakes amplifying ranged attacks - simply prioritize evasion over anything else and victory should come soon enough!

Diablo 4
Diablo 4

The Ruins Of Eridu offer fantastic opportunities both for those willing to grind XP solo or together with friends via parties thanks to bonus earned through successful clears + ability to reset runs whenever needed provided no portals were left behind during process itself (which prevents automatic reset). Furthermore anyone regardless Necromancer class specifically can reap rewards present here making them perfect spot for levelling up characters too - therefore we strongly suggest checking them out yourself if given chance before venturing into anything else provided sufficient preparation beforehand was made due course too!