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Diablo IV Holy Chalice Bug and How to Fix It

Diablo IV Holy Chalice Bug and How to Fix It

Diablo IV is the fourth installment in the popular Diablo franchise. Endgame players have been spotting a bug in the game concerning the Holy Chalice quest, which has been causing some issues for players who progress through multiple World Tier difficulties.

In this article, we discuss what the bug is, and how to fix it.

What Is The Diablo IV Holy Chalice Bug?

The Holy Chalice bug in Diablo IV occurs when you do parts of the Sister Octavia questline across multiple World Tier difficulties.

Diablo 4
Diablo 4

For some players, they will find that the item keeps respawning near Kyovashad in Fractured Peaks while others can't find it at all in their inventory. This stops your progress as you need this item to finish an exorcism and thus complete certain quests such as Malady of the Soul, Depths of Despair and Faith In Blood. It's not yet clear if progressing to World Tier 3 causes this issue but it appears to be affecting a large portion of endgame players already.

diablo iv holy chalice bug and how to solve it

How To Fix The Holy Chalice Bug in Diablo IV?

Fortunately there are two solutions you can use to fix this issue: by teleporting yourself back to Kyovashad or completing a quest offered by an NPC next to Kyovashad Waypoint. If these don't work then chances are that Blizzard Entertainment will have released patches with official bug fixes soon after encountering these problems from their customers' feedbacks. As mentioned before, one way that may help prevent this from happening again could be by completing all three Sister Octavia quests on one single World Tier instead of different ones for each part of her questlines as this seems like what might trigger off such bugs within your game play session afterwards (but whether or not that would work 100% is still uncertain).

In conclusion, we discussed about what caused The Diablo IV Holy Chalice Bug and how some possible methods could help resolve it successfully without having to wait for Blizzard Entertainment's official patch updates later down the road once they've had sufficient feedbacks from customers affected by such bugs found throughout Sanctuary lands so far since its release date earlier