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Diablo 4 How to solve The Pilgrim's Footsteps Quest and Rewards

Diablo 4 How to solve The Pilgrim's Footsteps Quest and Rewards

Diablo 4 is a dark fantasy action RPG that offers an array of puzzles and quests for players to complete.

One such quest is The Pilgrim's Footsteps, which requires you to solve a riddle in order to unlock a hidden treasure chest filled with rewards. If you're just starting out your endgame journey in Diablo 4, this guide will provide all the information you need on how to solve The Pilgrim's Footsteps quest and earn the rewards that come with it.

Finding The Pilgrim’s Footsteps Quest

The Pilgrim’s Footsteps quest can be found in northern Kehjistan, more specifically in the Amber Sands near the coast. If your travels take you there then you'll come across a quest marker leading towards some ruins - this is where Old Book lies amongst them containing first clue as how solving riddle presented within!

Solving The Pilgrim’s Footsteps Riddle

Once you find Old Book its text reads: "Walk the road of faith to a lone desert chapel. Stand at Acarat's feet, follow his example, and be rewarded". This should give you enough info continue journey northwards from initial location; though likely leading towards Tomb of Saints dungeon instead straight up onto roof so make sure look around right upon arriving outside.

diablo 4 pilgrims footsteps

Here we find statue bearded man holding books nestled amongst stone sarcophagi - this Acarat we were looking for! Rewards For Solving The Riddle To obtain what lies beneath Acarat's feet simply use Follow emote (this one already present left-hand wheel so no need downloading any extra emotes!). This makes chest appear filled with XP reward varying depending on character level but also possible Legendary or Unique gear when playing higher difficulty levels!

Diablo 4
Diablo 4

In conclusion, solving The Pilgrim’s Footsteps riddle isn't overly complicated task once know what needs done; however if tutorial wasn't clear enough remember always checking online resources since there are plenty guides offering step-by-step instructions on how solving Diablo 4 puzzles like this one! With that being said why wait any longer? Get out there and start earning some loot!