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Demonologist Tips and Tricks

Demonologist Tips and Tricks

The aim of Demonologist is to take on the challenge of discovering what is causing disturbances in seemingly deserted dwellings. Using your steampunk-style tools, you can venture inside these dwellings by yourself or with a friend to investigate.

This game requires you and your friends to work together in order to figure out the source of the haunting. With plenty of supernatural entities featured, you must use your problem-solving skills to determine what action needs to be taken. It can be both exciting and perplexing as you attempt to unravel the mystery of the haunted house! 


In this Demonologist Beginner’s Guide, we will go over everything you need to know in order to survive through the night, and share with you our tips & tricks we have saved over hours of gameplay. 

Beginner's Survival Guide for Demonologist

Know Your Demons

Gain an understanding of the environments Sarah will traverse and, equally as significant, familiarize yourself with the ghosts. Each apparition has its own peculiar form of terror, and players should strive to get acquainted with them for more effective tracking. Sarah will come across 24 distinct demons such as Wraiths, Oni, Mylings, Thaye, Goryos, Raijus, Shades and Jinns in her quest. As the gamer continues along their journey, they will develop a better sense of the clues that each entity leaves behind as they amass evidence.

demonologist beginners guide

Beware of Jump Scares

Once you become familiar with the game, it is not wise to invite any unseen entities in the house to reveal themselves. Even though the idea may be exciting, it is not a good idea to do this if you are by yourself. Be ready for a sudden surprise or strange phenomenon that will make your heart skip a beat. Don't freak out if something like a light bulb breaks as it may be your invisible friend trying to remain concealed while searching for you due to your disturbance of its peace.

Keep Yourself Sane

Exploring the haunted mansion can be very stressful for Sarah and cause her to become mentally unhinged. Her sanity bar will decrease over time as she is bombarded with spooky sights, sounds, and sensations. If the bar empties completely, Sarah will suffer a mental breakdown and die. Players must be mindful of their sanity meter at all times. Utilizing items such as candles, holy water, and medicine can help keep Sarah's mental state in check by increasing the amount of sanity points available. However, these items must be used judiciously so they are not wasted.

demonologist tips and tricks

No Shame in Running

Even though it's a scary situation, you don't have to remain confined in the house when the creepy stuff begins. You'll find most of your equipment outside in the vehicle that transported you there, so all you need to do is go get it. Don't forget to take a pal with you since being left on their own could be terrifying for them; they won't be able to fend off all of those spirits by themselves after your antics got them riled up. Exercise caution though; something may be lurking around outside.

Stay Away from Paintings

An easy way to give someone a jumpscare is to suggest that they stare at a painting and loudly pronounce the name written on it. This will likely cause them to flee from the room in fear and surprise. If you feel like having some fun with your friends, try this prank out!