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Dead by Daylight Tactics to Win When You are the Survivor

Dead by Daylight Tactics to Win When You are the Survivor

Dead by Daylight is a horror-themed survival game that you can play online or in co-op. There are two sides to the game the killer and the survivors.

The purpose of the Survivors is to repair five of the generators in the game and deliver electricity to the exit door. After that, they must escape by opening one of the two exit doors on each map of the game. The aim of the killer in the game is to prevent the survivors from escaping. As in every game, there are certain methods of winning in this game. If you've decided to play the game as a survivor and want to win, read on for guiding tips!

Best Tactics to Win as a Survivor in Dead by Daylight

  1. Learn the appearances and abilities of the killers
  2. Learn how to hide
  3. Create an escape rotation in your head
  4. Learn all perks
Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight

Learn the Appearances and Abilities of the Killers

The basic rule of escaping as a survivor in the game is to know the powers of the creature that hunts you. For this, you can watch videos about the game, try to play the killers, or have first-hand experience by playing more games. Whichever method you use, it will be a great advantage for you to know the features of your opponent and the limits of what they can do. For example, if you know that the running speed of the nurse character is lower than you, you know that you can run away from her by running in one direction. If you know that the character named Huntress has a ranged attack, you can avoid her axe throws by dodging while escaping. In Dead by Daylight, each killer has several unique special attacks. If you are a newbie to the game, learning these will take you a few steps further.

how to win as a survivor dead by daylight

Learn How to Hide

When you play as a survivor in Dead by Daylight, you play from a third-person perspective. Unlike survivors, killers must play from a first-person perspective. It means that the killer can't see the angles you can see. Being aware of this situation, you should focus on staying out of the killers' sight. In addition, because the vision of the killers is darker, hiding in tall grass or hiding on a floor that has a similar colour to your clothes may make you not notice.

Create an Escape Rotation in Your Head

If you haven't encountered the killer yet and you're repairing a generator, you need to consider every possibility. If the killer notices you, escaping to the wrong area can get you hooked. To prevent this situation, you must calculate the areas where the killer can come. You should also keep in mind the areas where there are windows and pallets from which you will escape after the killer arrives. So, when the killer moves to catch you, you have a rotation to escape from him. Since each of the killers has features equipped to catch the survivor, you will likely be caught. But you can give your teammates time to repair generators while the killer messes with you.

dead by daylight survivor tactics

Learn All Perks

There are perks in the game that provide special powers for both killers and survivors. If you are playing as a survivor, learning the most suitable perks for you will make your gameplay easier. There are various perks, from perks that allow you to heal yourself in-game, to perks that allow you to dodge the killer's shoulder. Finding the most suitable ones for your gameplay will make you a better player.