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Dead by Daylight Tactics to Win When You are the Killer

Dead by Daylight Tactics to Win When You are the Killer

Dead by Daylight is a survival game with a horror theme. Each character in the game is managed by a different player. If you have decided to play Dead by Daylight as the killer, stressful moments are waiting for you.

The main reason for this is that you catch four different players trying to escape in the game and aim to kill them. It is always possible for someone to escape. But you don't have to worry because if you want to win as a killer, you are in the right guide!

Best Tactics to Win as a Killer in Dead by Daylight

  1. Try all killers
  2. Learn all perks
  3. Learn the chasing rules
  4. Beware of pallets
  5. Look around carefully
Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight

Try All Killers

If you have decided to play Dead by Daylight as a killer, there are killers with various gameplay mechanics for you. Since each killer has different features, you need to find the killer closest to your play style. To find out which killer you should try, you should first evaluate what kind of gameplay you want. If you want your killer to have a ranged attack, your options will narrow. With these and similar questions, it is possible to understand which murderer you want to choose. In any case, we recommend that you try all the killers and check their gameplay.

Learn All Perks

There are special powers in the game that diversify the gameplay of both survivors and killers. If you want to catch your prey, you need to learn perks that will give you an advantage. Thus, you can catch your victims by using the perks that best suit your playing style. You can also learn the perks of the survivors and learn what they can do in which situations.

dead by daylight killer tactics

Learn the Chasing Rules

The basis of playing a killer is that if you are chasing a survivor for more than thirty seconds, you must let go of them. The main reason for this is that the more time you spend with one survivor, the more generators will be repaired by the other 3 survivors. If you want to dominate the game and catch your victims, you must start with the weakest link first. Remember, you are one person, and they are four. Your primary goal should be to make your opponents unable to make generators or to reduce their numbers. The fewer their numbers, the less they can repair generators. If you hunt down the strongest opponent first, you'll give the others time to build generators. But if you catch the weak link and hook it up, you'll be stopping at least one person.

Beware of Pallets

As a killer, the most annoying thing in the game will be to drop a pallet on your head. Your character is stunned for a few seconds when a pallet falls on your head. To avoid this situation, you need to get used to noticing pallets. Novice players will try to lower the pallet on your head as they will wait for you to walk towards the pallet. As you walk towards the pallet against these players, all it takes is a sudden step back.

how to win as a killer dead by daylight

The second rule about pallets is to break every dropped pallet. Although it may seem like a waste of time at first, this reduces your opponents' escape rotations. For this reason, we recommend that you break any pallet that has been dropped.

Look Around Carefully

As a killer, you have a first-person perspective in-game. Although this situation narrows your vision, it allows you to notice your competitors more closely. Make sure you search each area carefully using this.