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Dead by Daylight Best Killers

Dead by Daylight Best Killers

Dead by Daylight is an online horror game with five players per round. There are two different teams in the game, the killers, and the survivors. The purpose of the Survivors is to power the exit door by repairing five generators and to open the exit door and escape.

Killer aims to stop this and hang each survivor on hooks. Each killer in the game has different abilities and attack styles. This article will list the best Dead by Daylight killers.

Best Killers to Play in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight

The Blight

One of the original killers from Blight Dead by Daylight. According to his story, he is a human being who mutates himself by distilling the essence of a flower. His ability is to run fast until he gets tired or hits something. If it hits something, it can change its direction and continue running. Other than that, Blight can change direction very slowly while running. Thanks to this feature, he can hunt survivors quickly. The reason why it is one of the strongest killers in the game is basically its ability to run. The Blight is a killer that is difficult to play but you will be very comfortable after you get used to its gameplay.

dead by daylight best killers

The Nurse

The Nurse, one of the original killers of Dead by Daylight, can blink. The character's running speed is the lowest running speed in the game. However, to compensate for this, she has the right to blink twice in a row. If you want to teleport in front of your opponents or where they will run, this is possible. The blink ability also allows you to teleport through walls and objects. So, you can surprise your prey. The Nurse is one of the harder-to-play killers.

The Huntress

An original story killer who slays a battalion of soldiers alone and with only axes, Huntress travels through the game humming a lullaby. Playing as a Survivor, you need to listen to your heartbeat to notice if the killer is approaching. However, to notice if The Huntress is nearby, you must listen to her lullaby. It adds an element of tension to The Huntress that other killers do not have. The Huntress' special power is that she can throw axes. The Huntress is a killer who specializes in axe-throwing opponents. The Huntress, one of the main killers of the game, is also one of the strongest killers of the game.

top 4 killers in dead by daylight

The Oni

The Oni, known as the devil in Eastern mythology, is a killer who mercilessly hunts his opponents and becomes stronger with their blood. Drops blood orbs when a survivor is injured. Also, injured wandering survivors regularly drop blood globes. The Oni can activate his special power by collecting these blood spheres. His special power is that he can charge an attack using the canobo he carries on his back. He starts running, holding the canoe with both hands. During this time, if he sees a prey, he can hit it heavily, inflicting a dying state effect in a single hit. If you are new to the game, these killers are the killer we recommend for you.