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Dave the Driver Best Staff and How to Unlock Staff Members

Dave the Driver Best Staff and How to Unlock Staff Members

Dave the Diver is a new game that lets players dive into the ocean’s depths to get fresh seafood for their own sushi restaurant. To make sure your customers are happy, it’s important to hire the right staff for your restaurant.

In this guide, we have selected the best staff that will help you take your sushi business to great heights. Read on to discover who our top picks are and how they could benefit your restaurant!

How to Unlock Staff: Yoshie's Quest

Before looking for the best options for your restaurant, you need to unlock the opportunity to hire staff and complete Yoshie’s quest. This demanding task requires a player to prepare a Whitetip shark head for a client before opening up hiring opportunities.

They can then start searching job candidates for their growing empire! Categories of Staff in Dave The Diver When it comes time to recruit, it helps if you know what kind of employees would benefit your business.

What are the types of staff in Dave the Diver?

Staff in Dave The Diver can generally be divided into three categories:

  • Serving – staff who are exclusively engaged in client processing and cleaning;
  • Cooking – staff who are exclusively engaged in food preparation;
  • Cooking/Serving -staff who can do both.

There are 14 possible employees available at varying levels with different skillsets so you should spend some time figuring out which ones would fit best into each category!

best staff in Dave the diver

The Best Dave The Diver Employees/Staff: Yone And El Nino

If we had to choose two of the best employees from Dave The Divers roster, without hesitation it would be El Nino and Yone. Both workers possess unique skillsets that help enhance customer experience within any sushi restaurant managed by these two individuals. Let’s take a look at what each one has to offer:

El Nino - Serving Master Disciple

El Nino was designed with one mission in mind- service excellence! At level 20 his serving skills reach an incredible 1033 points making him perfect hire when catering clientele need extra attention or special services required by certain orders. In addition he also possesses Cleaning Master abilities allowing him clear up any messy spots quickly ensuring only cleanliness is provided when customers come visit his restaurants!

how to unlock staff in Dave the diver

Yone - Cook Extraordinaire

As her name implies Yone is an exceptional cook with knowledgeable cooking capabilities reaching max levels of 1752 points when upgraded! Not only that but she was designed with super ingredients prepping abilities leading her craft perfected dishes always ready faster than others! With these skill sets combined she ensures visitors always leave satisfied having enjoyed only perfectly prepared meals every single time they come visit her restaurants!

Whether you choose El Ninos fast service or Yankees precision cooking or want mix them both together its easy understand why these two should be hired asap if not already part of plans if one wishes create thriving sushi business offering delicious food served fast paced manner customers love every day week year round until end heavens truly free forever exists!