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Dave the Diver Seahorse Guide: How to Catch and Use the Seahorse?

Dave the Diver Seahorse Guide: How to Catch and Use the Seahorse?

Catching a Seahorse in Dave the Diver can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Although they’re difficult to find and catch, by preparing beforehand and following certain steps you’ll be able to catch them easily.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of where to find them, how to use a bug net, and how to use a seahorse in Dave the Diver.

How & Where To Capture Seahorses in Dave the Diver

The game includes various kinds of aquatic life, but Seahorses are one of the most sought-after ones. They can usually be found in Sea People Village and scattered around its vicinity- although there are at least four guaranteed locations for catching a seahorse: outside lower level of the village, inside palace, herbalist’s building and near different terrain features.

how to get seahorses in Dave the diver

To capture these elusive creatures, gamers must equip themselves with a Bug Net which unlocks after completing “Reticent Girl” quest for Maki during game progression.

Additionally using space bar key is essential which appears when players get into optimal position while swinging their bug net.


How Do You Get the Bug Net?

The Bug Net is an important tool for capturing resources like seahorses in Dave the diver; it unlocks as part of game progression after completing “Reticent Girl” quest for Maki during storyline sequence . Hence players have to go through game storyline before acquiring it from any store or accessing it from inventory box.

How To Use a Seahorse in Dave The Diver?

Once users have successfully collected seahorses they can put them up for race trials that take place at Game Parlor located inside Sea People Village!

Head on there then interact with NPC (Non-playable Character) on left floor side whereupon asking questions select register option then pick up any seahorse from Loot Box and Hire it – post successful hiring process gamestore will update its team records thereby directing user toward Race dialogue select type of race you wish taking participate thereof - lastly all that's left is just enjoying cheering your own horse wining trophy most certainly worth effort time taken collectin' Seahorses!

In short, Seahorses are rare resources but still accessible if right steps taken! From this article readers must've learned importance having Bug Nets vital keys navigating around further knowning exact locations avail 'em make things easier achieving goals far more faster results output continue playing investing patience effort failure timely completion despite all hassles along way good luck future Seahorse collection endeavors...