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Contraband Police Best Tips and Tricks

Contraband Police Best Tips and Tricks

Step into the thrilling world of Contraband Police, where you're the formidable border patrol officer responsible for identifying illegal items and thwarting smugglers. Your choices dictate the course of the game, making strategic decisions crucial.

This guide is your passport to mastering Contraband Police. Discover essential tips and tricks that will transform you into the top border patrol officer in no time.

8 Tips and Tricks for the Ultimate Contraband Police Gameplay

  1. Secure Your Investment
  2. Master the Art of Bribery
  3. Arm and Defend
  4. Money-Saving Strategies
  5. Unveiling Contraband Secrets
  6. Stay Informed and Cautious
  7. Navigating Public Perception
  8. Best Weapons in Contraband Police
Contraband Police
Contraband Police

1. Secure Your Investment:

Hiring a prison guard is a smart move. This decision not only prevents prisoner escapes but also safeguards your finances. Additionally, upgrading your vehicle is a must. A speedy car not only wards off robberies but also serves as a mobile storage space for contraband.

2. Master the Art of Bribery:

Smugglers often attempt to bribe you. Pretend to accept their offer, then withdraw. This halts the bribery attempts, letting you confiscate more items. Unload cargo, open packages, and seize contraband while avoiding the bribe for maximum gains.

3. Arm and Defend: 

Safety first – never remain unprotected. Take cover when in open areas to avoid vulnerability. Arm yourself with an axe and rifle for self-defense. These tools prove invaluable when confronting foes or obstacles. Continually upgrade your arsenal to face a variety of challenges.

4. Money-Saving Strategies:

Maximize your earnings by seizing all contraband and hidden loot promptly. Deal with crafty criminals right away for extra resources. Transport prisoners and goods personally to save in-game currency. Engage in side missions for additional income, but be cautious with early-game upgrades to avoid financial strains.

5. Unveiling Contraband Secrets:

Don't hesitate to arrest criminals who won't attempt bribery. Detect contraband concealed in animal dummies by observing their posture and damage. Use your crowbar to uncover hidden drugs effectively.

6. Stay Informed and Cautious:

Check the bulletin board daily for critical clues. Avoid damaging civilian vehicles to prevent unnecessary expenses. Your vehicle's repairs cost in-game currency, so press the door to exit swiftly when criminals try to escape. Maintain a balanced approach in searches to avoid negative consequences.

contraband police tips and tricks

7. Navigating Public Perception:

Your reputation matters. Minimize errors and avoid releasing criminals to sidestep disciplinary actions. Excessive force during searches can backfire. Stay vigilant for corrupt colleagues; report suspicions to your supervisor.

Best Weapons in Contraband Police:

1. Axe:

Carry an axe at all times for various tasks, including clearing fallen trees blocking your path. This versatile tool is indispensable for dealing with unexpected obstacles.

2. Makarov Pistol:

Underrated but effective, the Makarov pistol is a reliable choice for self-defense. It proves invaluable during confrontations with enemies.

3. Upgrade Your Arsenal:

Always invest in better weapons. The starting weapon won't suffice, particularly when facing multiple adversaries. A well-equipped arsenal is your key to success.

contraband police best weapons

At the end of the day, in Contraband Police, you hold the power to uphold the law and outsmart smugglers. Armed with these tips and tricks, you're ready to excel as a border patrol officer. Safeguard your reputation, seize contraband, and master the art of strategic decision-making. With the best weapons in Contraband Police at your side, you'll rise to the top ranks of border patrol officers, ensuring the safety and security of your virtual realm.