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Book of Yog Idle RPG Item Guide

Book of Yog Idle RPG Item Guide

Book of Yog Idle RPG is an idle RPG with original character designs. Your main goal in the game is to complete the levels by strengthening your character and party. Equipping powerful equipment is the basis of strengthening your character.

If you're wondering how can you upgrade your gear in Book of Yog Idle RPG, read on! We gathered everything you need to know about the items in Book of Yog Idle RPG from their quality to their use.

What to Know About the Items in Book of Yog Idle RPG? 

Book of Yog Idle RPG
Book of Yog Idle RPG

Equipment Quality

Book of Yog Idle RPG has six different equipment qualities. The first of these is normal quality. Equipment of this quality does not have any additional features. The second is Superior quality. Equipment of this quality has a stat slot. The third equipment quality is Rare. Rare equipment has a maximum of three stat slots. The equipment quality with purple color is Epic quality equipment. It has four to five stat slots of this quality. Equipment with orange quality is called Legend quality equipment. Legend quality equipment has 5 different stat slots and additional features. Red quality equipment is an Immortal quality item. The strongest form of an item in the game is Immortal quality. Equipment of this quality has eight stat slots, Legend item features, and a passive skill bonus.

book of yog items guide

Strengthen Equipment

In Book of Yog Idle RPG, the main way to strengthen your equipment is to level them up. For this, you need to enhance your equipment in the Strength section of the Workshop. To enhance your equipment, you need the material called Alchemy Dust. You can also transfer the enhancement level to another piece of equipment after bringing equipment to the +21 level. Your main method to strengthen your items is enhancement.


If you have two items of the same quality and type, you can get more powerful equipment by fusing two items. When you fusion two pieces of equipment, the item's star level will increase. The higher the star level of a piece of equipment, the higher its basic stats will be.

how to use items in book of yog idle rpg


If you click on the Retrofit tab in the Workshop, a screen will appear where you can change the stats of your items. You need items called stones to change, increase and improve their stats. To increase the stat of equipment, you need to use Add Stone. The stats in the items have levels. The higher the level of a stat, the greater the attribute it provides. To change the level of the stats, you need to use the Lifting Stone. The stats in the equipment are determined in a certain range according to the state level. You should use Attribute Stone to approach the maximum power in this range. For example, if the equipment has a level 6 INT stat, you will gain a stat value between 181 and 264 INT. You can change the value you get with Attribute Stone.

Washing Stone

With Legendary Washing Stone, you can raise the quality of equipment to Legendary level. Legendary level equipment gains between three and five additional stats. With Immortal Washing Stone, you can raise the quality of a piece of equipment to the Immortal level. Each Immortal equipment has a passive skill.