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Best Weapons in Armored Core VI

Best Weapons in Armored Core VI

Navigating the explosive chaos of Armored Core 6: Fires Of Rubicon might seem overwhelming, especially if you're transitioning from other recent FromSoftware titles.

Fear not, as your AC mech can be armed with a barrage of firepower that's more than capable of obliterating any adversary that crosses your path. Get ready to wield some of the most formidable weapons that Armored Core 6 has to offer.

Top 5 Weapons in Armored Core 6


1. The Apex of Melee Power: PB-033M Ashmead Pile Bunker

When it comes to raw destructive force, the Ashmead Pile Bunker reigns supreme. It stands as the ultimate weapon within Armored Core 6, provided you're daring enough to close in on formidable adversaries. Melee weapons are renowned for their high damage output, and the Pile Bunker amplifies this by rendering other melee and ranged alternatives obsolete. Its charge attack delivers a staggering 4,630 damage, escalating even further against staggered foes, making it a potent choice for annihilating enemies.

How to Obtain the Ashmead Pile Bunker:

Upon completing Chapter 1, which concludes with the mission "Attack The Watchpoint", you unlock access to the Ashmead Pile Bunker at the Shop for 185,000 COAM.

2. Explosive Might: Songbirds Grenade Cannon

The Songbirds Grenade Cannon stands as one of Armored Core 6's most potent explosive weapons. Its effectiveness is so pronounced that it's advisable to equip two of these on your mech at all times. A well-aimed shot from this cannon can stagger even the hardiest foes, setting them up for devastating follow-up attacks. Whether you prefer a steady bipedal approach or a more mobile Tetrapod or Tank setup, the Songbirds' impact damage and broad blast radius make it an indispensable asset.

How to Obtain the Songbirds Grenade Cannon:

After completing Chapter 1 and the "Attack The Watchpoint" mission, the Songbirds Grenade Cannon becomes available in the Shop for 182,000 COAM.

3. Blasting Impact: 44-141 JVLN Alpha Detonating Bazooka

For those seeking explosive firepower with versatility, the 44-141 JVLN Alpha Detonating Bazooka is an exceptional choice. While slightly less potent than the Songbirds, its higher staggered enemy damage multiplier and faster reload time offer a balanced solution. Being an arm weapon, it provides a flexible option for players looking for explosive might combined with adaptability.

How to Obtain the Detonating Bazooka:

Unlock the 44-141 JVLN Alpha Detonating Bazooka automatically upon achieving Hunter rank 2, a feat accomplished by collecting Combat Logs during missions. Typically attained towards the end of Chapter 1.

best weapons in armored core 6

4. Mid-Range Devastation: SG-027 Zimmerman Shotgun

Standing out in the shotgun category, the SG-027 Zimmerman Shotgun excels with its extended effective range. Unlike traditional shotguns that require close quarters, the Zimmerman can obliterate foes from a medium distance. Its 2-second reload time between shots might test your patience if you're accustomed to rapid-fire weapons, but the Zimmerman's high damage output justifies the wait.

How to Obtain the Zimmerman Shotgun:

Upon concluding Chapter 2 by completing the "Ocean Crossing" mission, you gain access to the Zimmerman Shotgun in the Shop.

5. Stunning Precision: VE-60SNA Stun Needle Launcher

The VE-60SNA Stun Needle Launcher is a unique weapon designed for a specific mission but proves invaluable throughout the game. It boasts accuracy, power, and a unique ability to accumulate stun buildup with each hit. This not only deals substantial damage but also keeps your adversaries locked in place, enhancing your tactical advantage.

How to Obtain the Stun Needle Launcher:

Automatically unlocked during the "Destroy The Ice Worm" mission at Chapter 3's conclusion, players receive one for free and can purchase an additional launcher for their mech's left shoulder at the Shop.

top 5 weapons in armored core vi

In Armored Core 6, your mech's arsenal defines your combat prowess. While these top-tier weapons shine brightly, remember that a balanced loadout and synergistic build are key to unleashing their full potential. With the right strategies and a mastery of these devastating arms, you'll establish dominance across both the campaign and multiplayer realms. So, gear up, pilot, and become an unstoppable force of destruction on the battlefield.