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Best Tips and Tricks for Bear and Breakfast to Get Started

Best Tips and Tricks for Bear and Breakfast to Get Started

It's not easy to start a Bed and Breakfast company. It is extra challenging when you are a bear. But don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are many tips and tricks to help you be the best entrepreneur Bear and Breakfast has ever seen. 

For those of you who are creative and could enjoy managing motels in a world filled with likable characters, Bear and Breakfast is the perfect game. Continue reading to find out how to get the most out of it and not go into managing your business completely blind-sighted. 

Bear and Breakfast Tips for:

Bear and Breakfast
Bear and Breakfast

Tips for Beginners

You should try to get one-day guests when you open your first Timber Crossing resort. This allows you to get coins quicker in the early stages of the game. When it comes to buying new furniture, you will not find furniture recipes in the game right away. To unlock new items, you'll need to complete Major Quests. You might find a Quest in a different region if you are stuck on a Quest due to not having the right furniture.

One other golden beginner tip is that, when building, you need to always make the furniture first before starting the construction.

Tips for Building the Right Economy in Bear and Breakfast 

To run a successful business, first, you have to be aware of your economy. Your currencies are Coins and Valuables. You can earn coins by paying guests. You will find Valuables laying randomly on the ground, so if you see ‘trash’ on the ground, pick it up! The Coins are used to pay for all rooms, furniture and crafting while Valuables are used for decorations.

best tips for bear and breakfast

Be aware that the larger the room, the more expensive it will be when building it in your resort. When you first start out, be extra mindful of your spending. But still, keep in mind that your rooms should be slightly larger than the minimum requirements. This allows you to place more furniture and decorations. It also affects your Room scores. So, you should find the right balance between small rooms which are still big enough to satisfy your customers. 

Tips for Managing the Guests

Check the requests carefully before you accept guest requests. If they are not satisfied, they will give you a bad review. While checking the requests be aware of the wording. If a guest is looking for something ‘pampered’, it means they are looking for a higher Comfort score. Similarly, Lavish is about decoration score, Hygenic is, you guessed it, Hygiene score and Foodie is for a higher food score. 

You can increase the comfort score of a room by adding furniture such as footrests, wardrobes, and vanities that enhance it. To increase the decoration score of a room, you should add as much decor as you like. The power of rugs, paintings and lamps, as well as shelves, shelves, plants, and lamps can all make a difference. You can improve your hygiene scores by replacing low-level bathroom objects with better ones as soon as they are available.

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Tips for Gathering Resources

Areas frequently visited by people, like Bus Stations, Speciality Rooms or Bathrooms are rich in Valuables. Do not forget to check those places regularly. Also, other unique items can be found in some specific regions. For instance, you can find Charcoal Lilies in Blackmoss or Sage in Darkgrove. 

Keep in mind that refunds are not possible if you trash items from your inventory. You can't sell them either. If you have bought something, just try and make the most it. 

These tips and tricks will help you have a quick start in your career as a bear owning a B+B.