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20 Minutes Till Dawn Synergies Explained

20 Minutes Till Dawn Synergies Explained

In 20 Minutes Till Dawn, a rogue-lite survival game by flanne, you have to survive the twenty minutes long enemy waves. Synergies are an important gameplay mechanic that you should know about before playing 20 Minutes Till Dawn. This guide provides all the details about the synergies, explains what they are and what they will add to your gameplay.

There are currently seven synergies in the early access version of 20MTD. More synergies can be added to the game in future updates. Here is a complete listing of upgrade combinations we have so far that create synergies. But first, let’s answer the more important question…

What Are Synergies?

Synergies are bonuses that you earn each after choosing a specific combination of different upgrades. In most cases, you will need two upgrades to create a combination and once the requirements are met, the synergy may be available as an upgrade option. 

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20 Minutes Till Dawn
20 Minutes Till Dawn


  • Electro Mastery + Fire Starter
  • An Explosion is created when lightning strikes an enemy who is Burning. It deals 25 damage.


  • Intense Burn + Frostbite
  • Inflicts Freeze to deal 6 damage per second.

Mini Clip

  • Fan Fire + Fresh Clip
  • Max Ammo: -666
  • Reload Rate: +100%
  • Bullet Damage: +50%

Summon Mastery

  • Vengeful Ghost + Dual Wield
  • Summon Damage: +35%
  • Summon Attack Speed: +35%
  • Bullet Damage: -35%

Gun Mastery

  • Armed and Ready + Power Shot + Rapid Fire
  • Max Ammo: +1
  • Bullet Damage: +15%
  • Fire Rate: +15%
  • Reload Rate: +15%
  • Piercing: +1

Stand Your Ground

  • Siege + Fusillade
  • Projectiles: +2
  • Fire Rate: +25%
  • Move Speed: -25%

Death Rounds

  • Reaper Rounds + Light Bullets
  • Max HP: -1
  • Deals extra 10 damage with the bullets.