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20 Minutes Till Dawn Characters and Abilities

20 Minutes Till Dawn Characters and Abilities

In 20 Minutes Till Dawn, a rogue-lite survival game by flanne, you have to survive the twenty minutes long enemy waves. There are many options for upgrading your character to create game-changing builds. Discover a wide range of characters and weapons, each with its own unique powers.

Right now, there are seven playable characters in 20 Minutes Till Dawn, which is a game that looks like Vampire Survivors and Enter the Gungeon’s secret love child. Each character starts with a different level of health and has a unique ability. This allows them to excel at certain builds or be challenged by others. Every character is unique in their pixel art appearance, as well as the ability to acquire individual skills from the boss. So let's take a look at each of 20 minutes Till Dawn's cast, and discuss which characters are the best.

20 Minutes Till Dawn
20 Minutes Till Dawn

All 20MTD Characters

  1. Diamond
  2. Scarlett
  3. Hina
  4. Spark
  5. Lilith
  6. Shana
  7. Abby


Diamond is the buff-queen of the squad. She has a starting HP of 7. It's hard to get through a twenty-minute run in a single session, especially for newbies in these types of game but, seven health is a lot better than three or four and would make your job a lot easier.

Her Tank-like innate ability focuses more on survivability than any damage. This makes her a bit less useful than the rest. Yet, her Potential Skills which are all impressive makes up for it. Berserk, is a skill that actively rewards players for being hit, and it is so far our favorite!


Scarlett starts the game with 3 HP. Scarlett's every 3rd shot causes a tsunami of fire to be launched that inflicts 3 damage per second on any enemy hit. Her starting Health is lower than the average, but not significantly so. Also, her potential Skills aren't as useful as those of other characters. Scarlett, with the Flame Cannon is great fun. Some people might consider her their favorite playable character.


Hina also starts the game with 3 HP and moves in the direction of Right-Click and leaves behind a Shadow Clone. Her Shadow Clone Ability is very useful for mob clearing and movement, with a very low overall cooldown.

Other than that, Hina is about the same as Scarlett. However, her Potential Skills are slightly more useful, with Maneuver being able to create some bizarre builds. Hina is limited by her Innate, which focuses on movement and not attack or defense.


Her Storm Caller Innate Ability, which targets a specific enemy with Lightning, is unique in the game. This ability can be activated continuously and stacks with Lightning-based upgrades to create a hilariously absurd level of damage. Her Potential Skills, as well as Innate Ability, can be used with any gun or building in the game.

Spark's biggest problem (aside from her lower-than-average HP) is her Potential Skills which are all just "okay". They aren’t great, they are just okay.


Lilith can summon a spirit from an enemy's corpse to chase down nearby enemies and deal 8 damage per hit when she kills them.

Lilith is quite an odd case, her potential Skills are so impressive that the character is one of the most popular. Lilith's Necromancy Ability makes it really useful and also grants a Summon Damage buff.


Shana, who is the default character, does have the Skill of being able to reroll Upgrades, Items, and other items in any rogue-lite.

Shana's Potential Skills are amazing and great fun. Ascension increases Shana's stats by a unique trick. Quick Learner helps the player reach the late 40s and early 50s quickly, while Specify can give you some crazy results like three Magic Lenses.


Abby is the perfect package as she has all the pros of all the characters. Abby has a high starting HP and great Innate ability with Hammer. Her Potential Skills modify her Innate Ability to be even stronger.

Although it may not seem like Abby, who fires bullets randomly on right-click, is that great, she is actually a lot of fun to play.