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Chivalry 2 Review

Chivalry 2 Review

If you are interested in the medieval theme and wondering how it feels to be a knight, there are several games available in this theme. If you want to use ancient weapons such as swords, axes, and bows on the battlefield as a knight, Chivalry 2 is a game that will give you what you want.

Chivalry 2 is a game with several different gameplay modes. For example, there is a game mode where 40 people divide into two teams and kill each other on a battlefield. The gameplay basically involves fighting on the battlefield with medieval weapons.

7Very Good
  • Map design
  • Graphics and sound design
  • Room for creative strategy
  • Combat mechanics
  • Some parts do not make sense
  • Character customization is just cosmetic


In games where gameplay is important, like Chivalry 2, the control scheme where you control your character's movements is a critical factor. Chivalry 2 is a game with several different combos. If you master these combos and use them effectively, you will become a formidable foe for your opponents. The control scheme of the game includes kicking, light attack, and strong attack. With the light attack, you can attack the vulnerable areas of your opponents by using the character's perspective correctly.

chivalry 2 review

Gameplay Mechanics

There are items in the game that you can throw at your enemies. For example, you can pick a stone, or a knife lying around and throw it at the enemy. Throwable items do little damage to your enemies but give you a small advantage. If you have the same weapon as your opponent and you damage him with a throwable item, your instant points will be higher than your opponent. You can use the throwable items around to gain an advantage.

Chivalry 2
Chivalry 2

Defend Yourself

In the game, you have two options to avoid the attacks of your opponents. Your first option is to block your opponent's attacks with your own weapon. If you can block your opponent's attack with the right timing, you can get a short time to attack him. Thus, you can get the upper hand against your opponents and kill them. The second feature that allows you to avoid enemy attacks is a dodge. It is the dodge ability assigned to the same key as Jump. You can dodge your opponents' attacks, causing them to stagger and counterattack. Our advice for you is to use blocks if you have an opponent, you are fighting one-on-one and to use dodge if you are fighting with too many enemies. Thus, you can get out of the attack area of ​​your opponents and look for a position to gain an advantage.

is chivalry 2 worth playing


There are six different attack styles in total that you can attack your opponents. These types of attacks also include stub attacks. By analysing your opponent's defence, you need to gain experience to understand how to attack him. If you want to be a good player in Chivalry 2, you will need to practice for hours.

Is Chivalry 2 Worth Playing?

If you like medieval-themed games and are wondering what it feels like to be a knight, Chivalry 2 is a game you should try. The graphics quality of the game is at a level that can be called good compared to today's games. The animations of the characters and the reaction time of the character despite these animations have been adjusted quite successfully. In such games with PvP gameplay, the reaction time of the characters determines the difference between winning and losing. For this reason, we can say that Chivalry 2 is a must-try game for fans of the genre.

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