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Children of Morta Review

Children of Morta Review

Children of Morta is an action role-playing game with unique storytelling features. Your main goal in the game is to explore the map and defeat your enemies to advance the story. The game's storytelling involves a divine being verbally telling the story in the background.

This causes players to experience an epic rather than a game. The main character's goal is to explore Rea's lands and go to Rea's shrine to complete his quest. However, due to the chaos, various creatures are included in the path of the main character.

  • The art style is vivid and unique
  • Variety in character controls is fun to learn and develop
  • Well-written narration
  • Boss fights are difficult, so the sense of achievement is really high.
  • Lacking in ranged character

The Story of the Game

Next to an ancient house is the temple of the goddess Rea-Dana. Whispers from inside the temple indicate that the war has started again. Meanwhile, a young man sets out to inspect Rea's shrine. The young man's mother gives the young man a divine item, his brother gives him a sword, and his wife kisses the young man. The young man's daughter also gives her father a reason to return. After all the things and promises he bought, the young man leaves the house and steps into the world where chaos prevails.

Gameplay Mechanics

Children of Morta is an isometric action-adventure game with pixel graphics. You use the arrow keys to control your character in the game. To attack, you need to use the M1 button. Attacking or moving in the game does not cause energy loss. However, using special abilities and skills consumes your energy. The icons and indicators on the game screen are sufficient. At the bottom left of the screen, there is a tab with your character's stats. In this tab, there are skills and moves that your character can use. Also, your HP and SP bar is on the lower left screen. You can use the spacebar to evade the opponent's attacks. Space key triggers dodge action. If you dodge with the right timing, you will be able to attack your opponents.

is children of morta worth playing


As you kill the enemies in the game, you can get loots with keys to open chests. Chests contain divine blessings that strengthen your attack or defense. You can use these items to strengthen your character.

Children of Morta
Children of Morta

As you defeat the enemies, you gain experience points. When you get enough experience points, your character moves to the next level. Each time your character levels up, he gains a skill point. You can strengthen your character by using the skill tree in the game. The more skill points you spend on a skill, the stronger that skill will become.

Game Graphics

Children of Morta is a game with a unique graphic structure and atmosphere. Although the main characters and NPCs have pixel graphics, the world of the game uses a different skin. Although the world of the game looks like a canvas in the surrealist movement, everything is clear and visual.

children of morta review

You can also enjoy the scenery when you are on a high mountain or next to a pond in the game.

Is Children of Morta Worth Playing?

If you are looking for a game that stands out with storytelling rather than gameplay mechanics with an isometric perspective, Children of Morta is a game designed for you.

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