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Bus Driving Sim 22 Review

Bus Driving Sim 22 Review

Do you want to feel the thrill of being a real bus driver? With Bus Driving Sim 22, you can enjoy realistic physics and a range of bus models. There are three regions to explore which have authentic traffic designs for each.  Play with your friends in multiplayer, test your skills in career mode and drive carefree in freeride.

The bus simulator is available in single-player mode, with career and freeride options, or you can enjoy it with friends in online multiplayer. Here is what we know and love about the game so far. 

  • Great attention to detail in buses.
  • Variety in maps.
  • Accuracy in city designs.
  • Different modes to spice up the gameplay.
  • The graphics are not satisfactory.
  • No in-game economy

Everything You Need to Know About Bus Driving Sim 22


In Bus Driving Sim 22, there are AI-powered traffic features for numerous types of vehicles, pedestrians and animals, as well as a variety of road network systems. With the advanced next-generation simulation engine that delivers the highest level of realistic bus simulation, you can experience the bumps in the road, feel the suspensions work in real-time, hear authentic sounds from the vehicles and environment, and enjoy a true bus driving experience. The ultimate driving experience is enhanced by full gamepad and steering-wheel support, so you can experience the full power of your vehicle as you navigate the roads. Additionally, the game offers a range of customizations, so you can personalize your driving experience to your unique preferences. With this level of detail and customization, you'll be able to get the most out of your Bus Driving Sim 22 experience.

Bus Driving Sim 22
Bus Driving Sim 22


There are 3 modes available for the game. These are Career mode, Freeride and Multiplayer. 

Career Mode

In this mode, you can advance and unlock new vehicles and challenging routes.


As you can understand from the name, there are no limitations in Freeride. You don’t have to be anywhere; you don’t have to do anything. Just play your music and enjoy the highways of amazing sceneries. 


In the multiplayer mode of Bus Driving Sim 22, you can join your friends and share this realistic experience with them. If there is something better than being a bus driver, it is having your bestie as your co-driver. 

bus driving sim 22 review


Bus Driving Sim 22 lets you transport passengers through three amazing cities: Rio de Janeiro and Munich, as well as Los Angeles using bus models with realistic designs when it comes to graphics and physics. Every city includes both city center and suburb maps that you can drive through.

You can explore many sites, landmarks, and points of interest in the cities. You will also experience different weather conditions all designed to be geographically accurate and affects your driving conditions. 


Are you curious to know how well you are in the game compared to others? Are you brave enough to put your driving skills to the test? Bus Driving Sim 22 is a truly skill-based game in which you will be rewarded for following the rules and securing passenger safety. These rewards will determine where you stand on the Leaderboard. 


Currently, there are four diesel-engine buses in the game. The developers are working on many more and buses from hybrid models to electric ones will be with us in the close future. Also, you can modify the buses you own to make them unique to your style. 

bus driving sim 22 modes


Although the graphics aren’t terrible, there are a lot of issues that didn’t sit right with me. The game feels like all attention to detail was used for the buses, so there wasn’t any left for anything else in the game. Mountains with poor textures and sharp 90-degree edges, bad lightning, very few reflections that do not look realistic at all, no shadows at all, honestly disappointing night and rain animations are at the top of our list but believe me, the list goes on.  

Is Bus Driving Sim 22 Worth Playing?

Overall, it's a fun and relaxing game that will keep you entertained. There are many details that earned the praise yet there are numerous aspects to be worked on.  With future updates, I believe the game will keep impressing.

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