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Brotato Review

Brotato Review

Brotato is very much like Vampire Survivors but you are a potato. If you like roguelike genre and brutally hard difficulty this is the game for you. Let's dive more into Brotato.
8Very Good
  • A lot of characters to choose from. Each have their own unique mix of advantages and handicaps
  • Plenty of different weapons/upgrades
  • Brilliant soundtracks and sound design
  • No in-depth map/level design
  • Play area feels a bit too small, which often results in you getting cornered by the enemy

Overall Gameplay

Brotato stands out with its incredible art style. The Binding of Isaac-like graphics, the little generic enemy slimes and mutants, the weird weapon upgrades make up a great gameplay. It plays pretty similarly to most of those other games like Vampire Survivors, only requiring you to use the WSAD keys and occasional clicking through shop menus or upgrade screens. Your character auto aims so you just have to escape and make yourself room to destory more enemies. The game feels accessible to every type of player with its easy control bindings and simple gameplay. 

brotato review

Although it might look like a bit overwhelming at first, once you figure things out and get the hang of it, it's the kinda game that you can just drop into at any time and get going right away.


At the end, this can be one of the best Vampire Survivors-alike games out there. Pretty deep options with a variety of builds, and every unlockable character plays differently, so tons of replayability. Music is fire to catch you up with the pace. And with its accessible price, this game is purely awesome.

How to unlock characters in Brotato? 

There are dozens of playable characters in Brotato. This adds a lot of replayability to the game itself and there are different objectives for each one of them to be unlocked. Here are all the characters and ways to unlock them.

By killing enemies (Survivors)

Some of the playable characters can be unlocked by killing a particular number of enemies. 

  • Old – Survivor 1 – Kill 300 enemies total
  • Mutant – Survivor 2 – Kill 2,000 enemies total
  • Loud - Survivor 3 – Kill 5,000 enemies total
  • Wilding -Survivor 4 – Kill 10,000 enemies total
  • Gladiator -Survivor 5 – Kill 20,000 enemies total

By collecting materials (Gatherers)

Some of the playable characters can be unlocked by collecting a particular number of materials.

  • Lucky – Gatherer 1 – Collect 300 materials
  • Generalist – Gatherer 2 – Collect 2,000 materials
  • Multitasker – Gatherer 3 – Collect 5,000 materials
  • Pacifist – Gatherer 4 – Collect 10,000 materials
  • Saver – Gatherer 5 – Collect 20,000 materials

By completing challenges

Some of the playable characters can be unlocked by completing challenges.

  • Chunky – Die for the first time
  • Sick – Reach -5% HP Regeneration
  • Farmer – Reach +200 Harvesting
  • Ghost – Reach 60% Dodge
  • Speedy – Reach 50% Speed
  • Entreprenuer – Hold 3,000 materials
  • Engineer – Get 5 turrets on the map simultaneously
  • Explorer – Kill 50 trees total
  • Doctor – Heal 200 HP in one wave

By completing runs on certain danger levels

Some of the playable characters can be unlocked by completing runs on a particular danger level.

  • One Armed – Win a run in Danger 0
  • Bull – Win a run in Danger 1
  • Soldier – Win a run in Danger 2
  • Masochist – Win a run in Danger 3
  • Knight – Win a run in Danger 4
  • Demon – Win a run in Danger 5

All of these characters are excellent on their own way. Though the content is a bit limited for the game since it is still in early access, we are sure that they will add more content to kill hundreds of hours.

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