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Bounty of One Review

Bounty of One Review

If you like to kill the enemies chasing you by avoiding them, Bounty of One is a game designed for you. Bounty of One is an arena shooter game. Your goal in the game is to escape from the enemies chasing you and kill them.

Even if you are one person, there will be hundreds of enemies chasing you. If you want to know more about the Bounty of One, keep reading!

7Very Good
  • Very chill and simple gameplay
  • Fun to play
  • Variety of characters and features
  • Needs more optimization
  • Lacks story

Gameplay Mechanics

You can play the game with a keyboard or gamepad.

What are the core mechanics?

Your core gameplay mechanic is to navigate the map using the motion chart. There will be dozens of enemies chasing you on the map. At the start of the game, your attack speed, critical damage, critical chance, and damage will be low. For this reason, your enemies chasing you at the beginning of the game have low life points. But every enemy can damage you. The damage done by your enemies will always reduce your life points by one.

is bounty of one worth playing

How to gain experience points?

As you kill the enemies, you both gain experience points to level up and increase your bounty amount. Killing powerful enemies gives you more experience points. Your enemies chasing you have different characteristics. For example, the beaver-like enemy wanders underground and throws dynamite at you. If you are in the area where the dynamite will explode, you will take damage.

Bounty of One
Bounty of One

Types of Bosses in Bounty of One

There are two types of bosses in the game. The first type of boss is the one that chases you with a large group of enemies and has high speed and life points. If you kill this boss, it will drop a chest. You can loot features that will strengthen your attack or defence from inside that chest. The second type of boss is the sheriffs, who make the enemies chasing you escape. Sheriffs have high hit points and different attack types.

Another mechanic that makes the game fun is the dash mechanic. You can gain different features every time you level up or kill the boss in the game. Some of these features may increase your dash amount, allow you to deal damage when using the dash, or regenerate life when using the dash. For this reason, dash mechanics can allow you to completely change your playing style.

Characters in Bounty of One

You can play the game with one of three different characters named Serra, Nigel, or Ollin. Each character's weapons and stats are different. For example, Nigel uses a Ninja star while Serra attacks enemies with a crossbow. As you collect points in the game, you can buy features from the black market. Features available in Black Market allow each character to earn different buffs from the start of the game.

bounty of one review

Game Graphics

First, I should mention that the game has low system requirements. For this reason, the graphics and animations of the game are simple. However, the game has vibrant colours and clear animations. For example, you can see the fireball that your opponent throws at you.

Is Bounty of One worth playing?

If you like games with simple gameplay mechanics, Bounty of One is a game designed for you.

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