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Book of Yog Idle RPG Review

Book of Yog Idle RPG Review

If you are looking for a character development and strategy-based game with RPG elements and the option to choose dialogue in the story, Book of Yog Idle RPG is the game designed for you. Although the game contains character development and RPG elements, it is a strategy game.

In the game, which has anime-style drawings and character design, your goal is to advance the story by completing missions and passing levels. If you want more detailed information about the game, keep reading our review!

7Very Good
  • Idle progression feels really satisfying
  • Art and the character designs
  • Well-designed strategy building
  • Combat feels good
  • The sound design is not very good
  • Some translation issues in texts
  • The game is lagging sometimes

Everything You Need to Know About Book of Yog Idle RPG

Book of Yog Idle RPG
Book of Yog Idle RPG

The Story of the Game

The main character is having a dream. He dreams of a girl apologizing to him and saying that they failed. When the main character wakes up, he realizes that the girl he saw in his dream came to the camp to ask for help. Afterward, the girl and the main character set out to fight monsters.


The game has a similar structure to auto chess. Characters automatically advance throughout the level until they encounter the enemy. However, the player controls the skills. For example, the player's command is required to actively use the skill assigned to the Q key. You need to be careful when using your skills as the battle continues in real-time. While some skills are area attacks, some are functional as a gap closer. For this reason, you can gain an advantage by using your gap closer skill before going into battle with an enemy group.

book of yog idle rpg review

In addition, you gain the game experience unit echo from every enemy you defeat during the war. By using these echoes, you can strengthen the character next to you during the war. If you have completely cleared the section, a symbol will appear in the middle of the screen where you can start the boss fight. By clicking this symbol, you can start the boss fight and finish that section.

Combat Mechanics

During Combat, a symbol of the next boss is available at the top of the screen. In addition, the stage and map you are on are written on the symbol. There are two bars on your characters, green and red. The green bar represents your character's Hit Point percentage, and the red bar represents your character's Spell Point percentage. If your character's health bar drops to zero, you will fail to complete the level. Also, there is a treasure chest on the lower middle screen. This treasure chest represents the amount of loot you get by killing monsters during the episode. You can get your rewards by clicking on the chest. At the bottom of the treasure chest, there are the skills of your character.

After finishing the first part of the story, you reach the main city with buildings with various functions. At this stage, you can acquire new skills, take on quests and acquire new characters.

is book of yog idle rpg worth playing

Game Graphics

Book of Yog Idle RPG has unique character designs and skill effects. The graphics of the game is sweet as it is anime-style. Each character has unique skin as they are carefully designed. Also, the game has an isometric perspective.

Is Book of Yog Idle RPG worth playing?

If you like RPG games and are looking for a detailed game with an isometric perspective, Book of Yog Idle RPG is a game designed for you.

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