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Bleak Faith: Forsaken Review

Bleak Faith: Forsaken Review

Discover the last vestiges of civilization in this large, interconnected, and unforgiving world. Find out what remains of its history. Explore the Omnistructure's ever-expanding natural world. Enjoy a journey like no other. Find your purpose in this world.

Bleak Faith: Forsaken launches players into a surreal and terrifying world. They take control of an ailing body to explore and survive. The game is very short on story, and it may give away even more than necessary. However, many talkative NPCs help to paint a complete picture. This game has one of the most terrifying and darkest atmospheres in any video game, so the player is truly trapped in a vicious spiral of terror and mystery.

  • Fun NPCs
  • Intense combat and exploration.
  • Each enemy is unique and difficult.
  • Short on story, may give away too much.
  • Camera can be finicky and lead to frustration.
Bleak Faith: Forsaken
Bleak Faith: Forsaken


The world of Bleak Faith, Forsaken is one that appears to be on the edge between despair and death. The Omnistructure is cyberpunk mixed with dark fantasy. It is a journey through various parts. Along the way, there are many enemies and obstacles. Along the way you will gain more weapons, armor, and Perk Points. This title may sound like "Bleak Faith: Forsaken", however, it is very different.

The core gameplay of "Bleak Faith: Forsaken", sticks to the Soulsborne style of intense combat and exploration. Each enemy is unique and difficult, and each requires a strategy.


Combat can be very dangerous and you will need to push yourself to the limit. It is important to be aware of the importance of resource-management, timing, and positioning. Expect to be challenged.

The game's progression and combat are influenced by character stats and gear. If you want to make it through the game, you must carefully choose your stats and gear. It's worth going back to earlier sections of the game once you have gotten geared up. You can face more difficult challenges and receive better rewards or find areas that you missed.

bleak faith forsaken review

What can be better?

While "Bleak Faith; Forsaken", isn't a bad game, it has some flaws. They could have a little more weight. It can feel a little bit heavy on the feet sometimes, though the physics is good. Gamepad users beware: not all controllers can work with Bleak Faith: Forsaken. It is helpful for the game to give you some instructions in its settings menu. But if you begin the game and the camera keeps spinning in circles, it is likely that your controller does not work.

There are many ways to get into a strange hole or crevasse. The camera can sometimes be finicky and this can lead to frustration. These are minor issues, but they don't matter in the grand scheme.

is bleak faith forsaken worth it

Is Bleak Faith: Forsaken worth playing?

Bleak Faith: Forsaken has a lot of potential and a lot of goodness, despite all its problems. Many players will find it easy to overlook its shortcomings and appreciate its positive aspects. While it is difficult to recommend the game in its current state it can be recommended if developers continue to support it. 

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