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Beton Brutal Review

Beton Brutal Review

BETON BRUTAL is a first-person parkour game that takes the classic Minecraft parkour mechanics and puts them in an atmospheric overgrown concrete tower.

The goal of BETON BRUTAL is to climb up this massive structure, navigating increasingly difficult stages, but with no checkpoints to help you along your way. Through its tranquil brutalist architecture, players must be mindful of their footing as one misstep may cost them valuable progress. With shortcuts available throughout the course and Herobrine having a cameo appearance, it's sure to provide an exciting challenge for anyone looking for some exhilarating fun!

8Very Good
  • Offers fluid and responsive first person parkour mechanics
  • Has a beautiful atmosphere with lighting effects and a solid color palette
  • A mix of challenging puzzles and thrilling exploration
  • High replayability value due to various routes throughout the course
  • Lack of polish in terms of graphical fidelity
  • Herobrine cameo adds an extra layer but can be intrusive upon core gameplay elements

Everything You Need to Know About Beton Brutal


Game Plot

The plot of BETON BRUTAL centers around the player's mission to reach the top of this massive overgrown concrete tower. Throughout their journey they will encounter multiple stages that increase in difficulty and several shortcuts which can save time and frustration. As they explore this unfamiliar environment filled with potential hazards, careful navigation is key as falling down could lead to losing precious progress made so far. Herobrine also makes a mysterious cameo at certain points during gameplay adding an extra layer of suspense and intrigue!

beton brutal review


Gameplay wise BETON BRUTAL offers fluid and responsive first person parkour mechanics which are easy enough to pick up yet challenging enough once you get into higher levels. Falling 100 meters down then coming back just adds another level of risk versus reward factor making it even more addictive than before! Players have access to scout mode which allows them look around safely however it does take away from the overall experience if used too often so utilizing only when needed would be best recommended approach here. Overall theres plenty other things keep you occupied like trying different routes or going after leaderboard times using scouting bugs - all these activities combine together perfectly create great balance between satisfying gameplay experience versus amount effort put in by player itself!


Graphics wise theres definite room improvement here though whats already on offer gets job done well enough for most part especially given how much emphasis has been placed upon creating beautiful atmosphere rather than detailed textures or models themselves simple things like solid color palette helps pull focus towards not-so-great visuals while still managing deliver decent looking end product. Additionally lighting effects are quite lovely really add life into environment adding another elementstorytelling into mix without being too intrusive upon core gameplay elements themselves!

is beton brutal worth playing

Is BETON BRUTAL worth playing?

If you're looking for something new that combines challenging puzzles with thrilling exploration then yes definitely give it try few hiccups aside such lack polish or graphical fidelity end result still stands strong providing hours entertainment regardless whether you go after leaderboard times alone or just simply enjoy stunning scenery offered by game itself! Plus replayability value further increased thanks inclusion various routes throughout course ensuring every playthrough unique memorable one own right thus highly recommend checking out yourself soon possible!

In conclusion, BETON BRUTAL is an enjoyable first person parkour game that offers fluid controls coupled with challenging courses set within tranquil yet breathtaking environments full potential surprises awaiting each step taken by player itself - albeit lacking some polish cuisine due low graphical fidelity yet excellent replayability values alongside numerous ways traverse through course make worthwhile pick up regardless whether speedrunner casual explorer alike so don't miss out opportunity check out yourself today might pleasantly surprised results offer ahead if do decide wait until later regret ever doing same instead!.