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Bear and Breakfast Review

Bear and Breakfast Review

Bear and Breakfast allows you to manage a relaxed bed and breakfast. But, hold on a second… Did I mention that you are a bear? 

As you travel through the world of Bear and Breakfast, you'll meet many people and weirdos that are just like you. If you listen to them, they may help you to build your shack. But Bear and Breakfast is full of unexpected twists and surprises. Are you ready to unravel them all?

  • Being a bear is more fun than you would expect
  • The art style is really well-designed
  • The story is catching
  • Gameplay is a bit dull
  • There are several bugs and glitches
  • Not an over-the-top management game

Everything You Need To Know About Bear and Breakfast

Bear and Breakfast
Bear and Breakfast

What Is the Story Behind Bear and Breakfast?

Hank and fellow bear friends find an abandoned building and use their teenage enthusiasm to turn it into a luxurious bed and breakfast place for unsuspecting visitors. 

As your company grows, so do its mysteries. Hank soon discovers that there is more to the story than just the wilderness.


Bear and Breakfast will often take over from you in order to show you what the game has in store. You'll then be left wondering what to do next when you are back in control because sometimes the game does everything for you. This not-really-well-balanced mechanic is a bit challenging to get used to. But after a few hours in the game, you’ll just go with the flow of the unexpectedly catching story and missions.

Once you have established a pattern of welcoming guests and spending money on improvements, Bear and Breakfast will be effortless and fun. You can let guests do what they want - which is often the case as progress often depends on how many of them complete a stay. 

Game Mechanics

The resource-gathering mechanics are a little too simplistic, to be honest. It involves clicking, waiting, waiting and a lot of waiting. But the building mechanics were pleasantly surprising. A pre-defined lodge with two floors will allow you to draw out different rooms, add doors, then fill them with the necessary comfort items. Cooking turned out to be a lot more complex than expected. It involves learning the recipe, putting down Boil and Fuel cards, and adding the necessary ingredients, such as potatoes and wood, to make a basic baked potato.

is bear and breakfast worth playing


The graphics are an absolute win in Bear and Breakfast. The design is so cute and detailly executed that you might often find yourself just staring at the screen and appreciating its art style. It is easy to see that the graphics were designed with an obvious charm and care. Particularly, the animation of Hank is very smooth and well done. It is kind of similar to the graphics of Cuphead, with its fluid movements.

bear and breakfast review

Is Bear and Breakfast Worth Playing?

I've had a lot of fun playing Bear and Breakfast, but I have to admit that I wasn’t as captivated as I was playing Stardew Valley or Graveyard Keeper. The game has an overall unbalance -the mechanics are not equally complex, the guests are not equally challenging… This sometimes gets tiring. Also, there are minor bugs and glitches such as accidentally locking yourself in a bathroom with a bunch of guests.

If you are looking for a management game and a story aspect to it as well, Bear and Breakfast will not disappoint. Just bear in mind (pun intended) that this is not the best management game we’ve seen lately. 

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