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Aura Kingdom 2 Review

Aura Kingdom 2 Review

In the realm of MMORPGs, nostalgia often beckons us to revisit beloved classics in hopes of rekindling the magic that once enthralled us.

Enter Aura Kingdom 2, a game that promises to recapture the essence of its predecessor while introducing us to a new adventure in the world of Ramayan. However, beneath the surface of this grand promise lies a game that struggles to find its footing, marred by its origins as a mobile port and a host of other shortcomings.


The plot of Aura Kingdom 2 treads on familiar ground, echoing the narrative foundations of its predecessor. Players are invited to step into the shoes of a Hero, destined to leave an indelible mark on the world. While the premise is compelling, the execution falls short. Dialogue and interactions lack depth, rendering the storyline less engaging than it could have been. The promise of adventure in the world of Ramayan fails to fully materialize due to lackluster storytelling.


Aura Kingdom 2 offers a dynamic combat system that presents players with four unique classes to choose from. The gameplay, while ambitious, stumbles due to the transition from mobile to PC. The touch controls, once intuitive on a handheld device, feel clunky when translated to a keyboard and mouse setup. The fast-paced combat loses some of its allure, hindered by controls that don't quite measure up.

The real disappointment lies in the auto-play features that pervade the game. The option to automate combat and navigation undercuts the sense of accomplishment that should accompany successful battles and exploration. This reliance on auto-play diminishes the gameplay experience, making it feel more like a chore than an adventure.


Aura Kingdom 2 boasts fully-rendered 3D characters that exhibit impressive detail, especially in their elegant costumes. Despite being a mobile port, the game manages to showcase pleasing graphics, particularly appealing to fans of anime-style aesthetics. However, even the visual charm struggles to mask the glaring issues that permeate the overall gameplay experience.

Aura Kingdom 2
Aura Kingdom 2

Is it Worth Playing?

Aura Kingdom 2 enters the arena with grand aspirations but stumbles under the weight of its own design choices. The game's mobile origins are glaringly evident in its interface and mechanics, leading to a less-than-optimal experience on PC. While the graphics offer a glimmer of hope, they fail to fully compensate for the clunky controls, auto-play reliance, and other questionable elements that undermine the potential for an immersive MMORPG adventure.

aura kingdom 2 review

Despite the presence of redeeming qualities such as the collection of Eidolons and the ability to customize accessories, Aura Kingdom 2 ultimately falls short of its promise. The game's potential as a cross-platform MMO is hindered by its subpar porting and design decisions, leaving players with a diluted version of what could have been an engaging experience.

In the crowded realm of MMORPGs, Aura Kingdom 2 struggles to stand out. If you're seeking a true reimagining of the classic Aura Kingdom experience, you might find yourself disappointed by the lack of depth and polish in this rendition. While there are fleeting moments of enjoyment, they are often overshadowed by the game's inherent flaws. In the end, Aura Kingdom 2 serves as a reminder that even the most ambitious remakes can falter when they fail to address the core issues that underpin the player experience.

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