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Ancient Gods Review

Ancient Gods Review

If you are looking for a game where you play your attacks with the cards you draw depending on the luck factor, which is decorated with RPG elements, Ancient Gods is a game designed for you. Ancient Gods is a game where gods, demi-gods, and magical creatures from various mythologies can be chosen as the main characters.

Your main goal in this game is to defeat predetermined opponents on certain maps without reducing your character's Hit Point to zero. If you are looking for more detailed information about the game, keep reading!

7Very Good
  • The art is unique
  • Highly replayable
  • Combat is paced and fun
  • Characters are well-designed
  • Some optimization issues in gameplay
  • Needs to be polished

Gameplay Mechanics

To start the game, you need to choose a map. After choosing the map, you need to choose a character to start the adventure. The game has three characters available to you at the start. It is possible to summon new gods randomly with the diamonds you will earn on the maps. Each character has four basic stats. These stats are listed as Agility, Intelligence, Strength, and Hit Point. Agility, Intelligence, and Strength affect the spell cards, attack types, and gameplay your character can use.

The purpose of these three stats in the game is to damage your opponent. Hit Point shows the amount of damage your character can take. Also, some characters have Passive Skills. Each character's Passive Skills are different from the other characters. Ancient Gods has 32 different characters available.

ancient gods review

Character Development

It is possible to develop every character in the game to an advanced level. For this, you need to have the shard according to the development level requirement of the character. For example, to improve a character to +1, you must have 10 shards of it. To obtain Character Shards, you can use the Summon option in the main menu or complete the sections in the campaign. Characters are divided into three different classes based on agility, warriors, and mages. The spell and attack cards used by each class are different from the others.

Ancient Gods
Ancient Gods


In addition, the cards you use according to the class your character has provided you with bonus features. Each card you use during combat gives your character a certain combo point. If you use Agility cards on your character, you can draw an extra card every 8 cards. In addition to the three classes in the game, you can also make Special Combo according to the characteristics of the characters.

Hit Points and Mana

During the game, you must use cards to make your character move. Each card has a certain mana cost. Some cards use your character's Hit Point in addition to mana. To develop a strategy against your enemies in the game, you must control the cards in your hand and turn the war to your advantage. For this reason, Ancient Gods is also a strategy game.

is ancient gods worth playing

Game Graphics

The game has a two-dimensional structure and anime-style graphics. Every god in the game as a usable character is integrated into the human form in anime style. The game has character and environment design in anime style and the selection of colours in warm tones ensures that the game has sweet graphics.

Is Ancient Gods Worth Playing?

If you like FRP games, which are the basis of today's PC games, Ancient Gods is a game that will give you nostalgia. The main reason for this is that the mechanics in the game are directly taken from FRP games such as dnd. If you are looking for a game with sweet graphics, mythological elements, and a different gameplay style, Ancient Gods is a game you should try.

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