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Amanda the Adventurer Review

Amanda the Adventurer Review

Amanda the Adventurer is a horror/puzzle game that takes players through an eerie and captivating world.

In this article, we will go over everything that you need to know about Amanda the Adventurer and it's puzzles. In the game players take on the role of Riley Park, who has inherited their Aunt Kate’s house. 

8Very Good
  • Several new play-along, laugh-along, and learn-along episodes for hours of entertainment
  • Animated tapes tell an unsettling story
  • Classic, 90’s-style CGI that recalls a simpler era of animation
  • Characters who interact directly with the viewer
  • Low budget production style
  • Challenging puzzles that require players to pay close attention to clues

Everything You Need to Know About Amanda the Adventurer

Amanda the Adventurer
Amanda the Adventurer

Game Plot

In the attic, they find a stack of VHS tapes next to an old TV set, which feature a little girl named Amanda and her loyal yet shy best friend, Wooly the Sheep. The story is intriguing as Amanda appears to be communicating directly with the player and it's almost like she needs something from them. 


The gameplay in Amanda the Adventurer is divided into two halves - walking around in the real world attic and interacting with Amanda and Wooly in their tapes. The alternating between these two allows for clues to be hidden within each tape for solving puzzles found throughout Riley's exploration of Aunt Kate's house. It also presents opportunities for secrets to be revealed while watching Amanda's interactions with Wooly, as well as during puzzle-solving moments in the real world attic. While this may seem straightforward at first, there are six possible endings that require some creativity when trying to figure out what exactly is going on under this charming children’s cartoon guise. 

Amanda the adventurer review


The visuals presented by Amanda The Adventurer are reminiscent of classic 90’s style CGI animation which can easily bring any 90s kid back to those days or even give a new generation of gamers a taste of nostalgic animation styles. As far as audio goes, there isn't much aside from soundtracks that accompany sequences featuring both characters interacting but this does add more tension when needed during certain scenes or puzzles being solved by Riley Park throughout his journey exploring his aunt's home. 

is Amanda the adventurer worth playing

Is it worth playing?

Absolutely! The game offers a thrilling and unique experience, with many challenges to tackle. Players join Amanda and her pal Wooly as they explore their wonderful world, with several new play-along, laugh-along, learn-along episodes that provide hours of fun. Although the game has a low budget production style reminiscent of early 2000's era children's cartoons, its animated tapes tell an unsettling story. Puzzles are challenging and require players to pay attention to clues hidden within the tapes in order to progress through the game. With six possible endings and plenty of secrets scattered throughout these VHS tapes, there is no shortage of mystery for players to uncover in this horror/puzzle adventure.

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