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Alan Wake Story

Alan Wake Story

Alan Wake is a thriller action game with original gameplay mechanics. Your main goal in the game is to complete missions to advance the story. Alan Wake has a story that will appeal to most people. If you want to know the story of the game, keep reading!

Beginning of the Story

Alan Wake is a detective and thriller writer with novels in the bestsellers category. Wake and his wife go on vacation to Bright Falls. Before Alan goes on vacation to town, he has a nightmare about people trying to kill him. Also, Alan has nightmares about how to kill creatures that attack him.

When wake and his wife arrive in Bright Falls, they are greeted by an elderly woman. She gives Wake the key to their house and a map of the city. Wake and his wife's purpose in coming to town is to meet with a famous psychologist there. Alan Wake will add to his new novel with the information he receives from the psychologist. While Wake is fiddling with the typewriter, he hears his wife's cry for help from outside. He quickly runs outside and sees a mysterious force pulling his wife into the lake. Alan Wake dives into the water after his wife, and the last thing he sees before he passes out is his wife being pulled deeper.

Evil Forces

After Alan Wake regains consciousness, he finds the sheriff to explain the situation. The sheriff tells Wake that the hut they stayed in never existed, and that hut was destroyed in a volcanic event. Alan Wake receives a phone call from a mysterious person. The person on the phone claims to be the kidnapper of Wake's wife. The two decide to meet somewhere after a while. However, after Alan Wake arrives at the meeting place, he realizes that the person on the phone is dishonest and has been ambushed.

Alan Wake
Alan Wake

A bait used by the rogue Hartman to trap Alan Wake. Barry and Wake join forces and successfully escape from the cabin. The two begin to learn the truth about the cottage and Lake from the townspeople. He aims to escape from the lake by using the fiction of a dark entity trapped in the lake. Years ago, a poet named Thomas Zone tried to destroy the dark power in the lake. However, the poet failed and chose to die to trap the dark power with great difficulty in the lake. Alan Wake and Barry start drinking together, and Wake gets drunk. Meanwhile, he realizes that the dark force is holding Alice in the lake as a ransom.

alan wake game plot

End of Fiction

Alan Wake must decide to destroy the dark entity. Wake aims to destroy the existence in the lake by using his talent for editing. Diving into the lake for this purpose, Wake finds himself in a dimension where every idea becomes reality. Wake turns his story into a scenario where Alice is released. Alan Wake is forced to condemn himself to save Alice. But it's not a lake, it's an ocean, that Wake added to the plot at the last moment. With his sentence, Wake confines himself to a larger area.

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